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Our Origin

In the electrifying world of Mixed Martial Arts (MMA), one fight spurred the inception of Verdict MMA Georges St Pierre vs. Johnny Hendricks at UFC 167. Founded by three high school friends from Toronto, Canada, who are huge fans of the sport, Verdict emerged not just as a beacon for fans worldwide but as a platform aimed at bringing unbridled transparency and engagement to the sport they love so much.

The Innovation of the Global Scorecard

Verdict transformed fan participation and discourse in MMA with the creation of a pioneering feature that allows aficionados to score rounds in real time. This innovation gave birth to the Global Scorecard, which displays the average scores submitted across our platform. Not just a tool, the Global Scorecard has morphed into the recognized scoreboard of MMA, cited by illustrious figures within the sport, such as Israel Adesanya, Daniel Cormier, and Jon Anik, to bring an unparalleled level of transparency to every fight.

Engage, Predict, and Climb Ranks with Our Predictions Game

We brought our community even closer by launching a free predictions game, a platform that transforms every fan into a virtual contender. Begin your journey as a white belt and progressively ascend through the ranks, earning points and bragging rights for your precise predictions. To explore our game and make your predictions, immerse yourself in the detailed information and rules available on our website.

Official Partnerships

Verdict's impact echoes through the partnerships we've forged with major entities in the MMA sphere. As official partners with the Professional Fighters League, our data is prominently showcased on their broadcasts on ESPN, bringing an enriched, data-driven viewing experience to fans worldwide. Our alliance with ONE Championship further solidifies our commitment to nurturing and elevating the martial arts across the globe.

Features that Forge Community and Information

As we continually evolve, Verdict has introduced a myriad of features aimed at enhancing user experience and cultivating a vibrant MMA community. With Fighter Information Cards, stay abreast with detailed data and facts about your favorite athletes. Dive into the latest developments, updates, and analyses within the MMA world with our News section. Engage, debate, and connect with fellow fans on our Fight Forum, a space where your voice amplifies the thrilling echoes of every fight.

Join the Community

As we blaze forward, crafting a future where every fan’s voice contributes to the fabric of MMA, we invite you to be a part of Verdict MMA - where your scores, predictions, and interactions sculpt the narrative of the sport we all passionately love.
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