Level Up

Earn Your Rank

Your journey towards a Verdict Black Belt. Gain XP by scoring and getting picks correct.
White Belt
White Belt is the starting point for everyone. Learn the ropes, create a strategy, and begin test your Fight IQ. There are four additional stripes before Blue Belt.
Blue Belt
Blue belts are no longer beginners when it comes to making predictions and scoring fights. Time to prove that you earned it for a reason. There are four additional stripes before Purple Belt.
Purple Belt
Purple belts are officially half way to black belt. With a purple belt, you’ve earned a certain level of credibility within the Verdict community. There are four additional stripes before Brown Belt.
Brown Belt
Brown belts are only a few successful events away from being a true master. Make every pick count, you’re almost there! There are four additional stripes before Black Belt.
Black Belt
Black belts are the masters of predicting and scoring MMA. Be proud, you are now considered the baseline of the Verfdict Scorecard. There are many stripes before reaching the legendary Red Belt.
Red Belt
There are legends surrounding the Red Belt. This Belt is extremely hard to obtain and is reserved for only the most dedicated. This is final Belt.

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