3 things you might not know about Verdict Tournaments

3 things you might not know about Verdict Tournaments

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It’s not you against the house. It's you against fight fans.

Unlike sports betting, you’re not competing against the house. It’s you versus other fight fans on Verdict Tournaments. The goal is to earn more points than your competitors on the leaderboard and get in the money. The higher you rank on a leaderboard, the bigger the payout.

The returns can be larger than sports betting.

Verdict Tournaments provides bigger returns than sports betting in most featured Tournaments. For example, the 1st place winner from the UFC 276 featured Tournament won $1,250 from a $5 entry fee which is a 250x return on investment. The probability of hitting a 250x return in sports betting is 0.4%. Verdict Tournaments offers bigger payouts on smaller investments. All you have to do is beat other fight fans with your picks.

You’re in it until the end, even when one of your fighters loses.

You know that salty feeling when one of the fighters on your parlay loses and your night is over? You don’t get that on Verdict Tournaments. Unlike sports betting parlays that can break at anytime, your experience on Tournaments lasts until the end of fight night. Your total points after the main event determines your payout.

Challenge opponents, earn cash, rank up.
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