Live Play for Verdict Tournaments

Live Play for Verdict Tournaments

Sanjay Thakur|

We now offer the ability to play while an event is live. Through a new capability that we're releasing for UFC 278 called Co-Main / Main Only. Now, latecomers can finally join mid-way through a card — a much-requested feature. There are a few other reasons as well. Below we'll break down the "why" behind Co-Main / Main Only.

1. Easier for New Fans

One of our core missions at Verdict MMA is to introduce more people to the sport of MMA. We love it, and we know many others will as well. It's tough to crack into, given that we dub anyone who's not hardcore into "a casual". This format is much more friendly to beginners. You only need to know two fights and four fighters going into an event and they're usually the fights with the most familiar faces.

2. A Second Wind

If your first few fights flop within Tournaments, you still have hope. You can redeem yourself by joining a wide range of Tournaments. You can join a Featured Co-Main / Main Only Tournament like the one we're hosting for UFC 278 or you can challenge a friend to a 1:1 with only two picks.

3. Appeal to Latecomers

The final reason is, that it will appeal to latecomers. We all know that bars and the arena tend to fill up throughout the main card. Fans are a range of people and sometimes you happen to be busy at the beginning of the card. Also, through the course of a card, we all get excited as the night evolves. For those fans, they can now join in on the fun.

The Future

In the future, we might make Tournaments with the last few prelims or only the first two fights on the main card. Throw us a message or a DM with how you're liking Tournaments or suggestions to or @VerdictMMA anywhere. At Verdict MMA, we're all fight fans and we're looking to make the best experience possible for you and the community.

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