Community Guidelines

We come together on every fight night to be the collective voice of a community. Fans worldwide use Verdict to score rounds in real - time and compete against each other through predictions. Together, this community has made the Verdict Scorecard the most referenced data in combat sports. We’ve become a trusted source and that comes with responsibility.As we continue to grow, it becomes increasingly important that we keep our community a safe environment. Whether it’s discussing a controversial scorecard or a matchup, it’s important that we don’t cross the line with what’s said. Be passionate but don’t be ill-intended.

Cyberbullying and Hate Speech

We don’t tolerate cyberbullying or hate speech because it creates an environment of intimidation and exclusion. The purpose of our platform is to give people a voice, not take away from it.
Those that engage in cyberbullying or hate speech on our app, website, social media pages, or Discord server risk being permanently removed from all of our platforms.

Prohibited Content

Usernames and profile pictures must not contain any hateful messaging or nudity. Those that do, could have their accounts on Verdict permanently deleted.

Keep it Safe

Verdict was created for fans to have fun, so let’s continue to keep it that way. If there’s anything about our community guidelines that you have questions about, contact us at [email protected]om.

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