Frequently Asked Questions

What is Verdict?

An application that allows you to score MMA fights live. Once you score fights, your scorecards will be saved to your profile. Verdict allows you to place predictions for MMA fights. Your predictions will be saved to your profile. Depending on how much XP you place on each prediction, you will go up or down on the leaderboard for that event.

Why Twitter authentication?

Twitter is used for authentication for the following reasons:

  • • Ease of use. The MMA community is at large on Twitter.
  • • Recognize others. Recognize high-profile figures.
  • • Find your friends who use Verdict.

Does Verdict save my Twitter password?

Verdict does not save your Twitter password. You log in directly through a Twitter domain to access Verdict. Verdict does not prompt you to enter any passwords.

Will Verdict ever Tweet on my behalf?

Never. Verdict will perform no actions with your Twitter account.

What Twitter information does Verdict save?

Only your username and profile image URL.

What information of mine will be saved?

Your picks, scorecards, ranking, following list, and followers list will be saved.

How much XP will I be allowed to use each event?

You will be given 100xp for each fight, along with 500xp to spread over any fights per event.

How do I earn XP?

You earn XP through correctly predicting fights. How much XP you gain depends on the odds of your pick. In addition, you gain XP through scoring rounds promptly after they end.

What are the Ranks and Belt icons beside my name?

As you earn XP they will advance and earn higher ranking belt level and stripes similar to the BJJ belt system. The belt color ranking are ordered from lowest to highest below:

  • • White Belt (+4 stripes)
  • • Blue Belt (+4 stripes)
  • • Purple Belt (+4 stripes)
  • • Brown Belt (+4 stripes)
  • • Black Belt (+10 degrees)

What happens to my picks if a fighter pulls out and the fight is changed?

In the event a fight is changed, such as fighter 1 is now fighting a different fighter 2 (or vice-versa). The picks for that particular fight will be reset and you will have to enter a new pick.

Should I worry about point deductions?

Nope, don't worry about point deductions as the majority won't. This way final results aren't skewed.

What happens in the case of a draw or no-contest?

In the case of a draw or no-contest no XP is rewarded.

How are odds derived?

The odds are calculated in real time based on how many fans pick a particular outcome.

Example: If 60% of fans have Fighter 1 to win and 40% Fighter 2 to win, the odds are 1.6x and 2.5x respectively. In addition, if 25% of fans have Fighter 1 to win by KO/TKO, 25% for by Submission and 50% by Decision, then the odds are 4x, 4x and 2x respectively for Fighter 1.

I found an annoying bug! How do I contact Verdict?

Throw us an email at [email protected] and we will respond promptly. Thanks for helping out. :)

How much is your App?

$0.00–available for free in the Apple App Store and Google Play Store.


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