The Final Verdict: The Aljamain Sterling vs Henry Cejudo Decision

The Final Verdict: The Aljamain Sterling vs Henry Cejudo Decision

Abdullah Ouazri|
May 07, 2023|

Another disputed decision has been added to the title reign of Aljamain Sterling, this time against Henry Cejudo. The two fought last night in the main event of UFC 288 for the Bantamweight title. Cejudo was returning after a 3-year layoff from competition, while Sterling had been fighting twice a year.

Let's examine the fight, the judges' scorecards, and The Verdict Scorecard to see how the data compares:

Round 1

Sterling started well using his length, which gave Cejudo issues on the feet. Henry had trouble landing before securing a takedown. Sterling got back up and notched a takedown of his own before ending the round with a quick blitz.

Judges' Scorecard: 10-9 Sterling x3

The Verdict Scorecard: 9.83-9.18 Sterling


Round 2

Cejudo had little success with the hands in round 1, so he switched to kicks, landing several for the next 5 minutes. Sterling kept the pressure and continued to land on but failed a takedown attempt and ate a big right hand to close the round.

Judges' Scorecard: Michael Bell & Derek Cleary 10-9 Cejudo, Eric Colon 10-9 Sterling

The Verdict Scorecard: 9.69-9.33 Cejudo

Round 3

Sterling keeps active with the kicks but eats a flying knee that appears to send him down against the fence. He shoots instinctively, and Cejudo thwarts it. Cejudo defends again and grapples along the fence, where Sterling manages to get him down and works to the back. Cejudo quickly separates and Sterling lands a knee. Sterling lands again in the clinch but gets put on the mat again at the end of the round.

Judges' Scorecards: 10-9 Cejudo x3

The Verdict Scorecard: 9.71-9.30 Cejudo


Round 4

Cejudo starts strong, defending well and getting his offense going. Sterling starts to pick it up, though, and is putting the pressure on him. They grapple along the fence again and Sterling gets a hard-earned takedown before landing a few blows to end the round.

Judges' Scorecard: 10-9 Sterling x3

The Verdict Scorecard: 9.84-9.17 Sterling

Round 5

Cejudo starts strong again but this time doesn't let it get away from him. He lands several strikes and defends another shot from the champ. He throws his hands and they go at it till the bell.

Judges' Scorecard: Michael Bell & Eric Colon 10-9 Cejudo, Derek Cleary 10-9 Sterling

The Verdict Scorecard: 9.81-9.20 Cejudo


Official Scorecards:

Michael Bell: 48-47 Sterling. Eric Colon: 48-47 Sterling. Derek Cleary: 48-47 Cejudo. - Sterling wins via split decision.

The Verdict Scorecard: 47-.56-47.50 Cejudo

The Verdict Scorecard for the Sterling vs. Cejudo decision.
The Verdict Scorecard for the Sterling vs. Cejudo decision.

Now that you've seen the data and the numbers, do you think the right decision was made? Let us know with a comment.

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