UFC Fight Night: Allen vs Curtis Results

UFC Fight Night: Allen vs Curtis Results

Joey Kolnicki|
April 08, 2024|

Cornolle vs. Mullins

Result: Nora Cornolle def. Melissa Mullins via TKO (Knee & Punches) at 3:06 of Round 2 Division: Women’s Bantamweight Referee: Chris Tognoni

In the first round, they exchanged punches on the feet and traded on the ground, with Cornolle landing the most significant shots. They would return to work on the feet in the second round, exchanging until Cornolle landed brutal knees to the body that folded Mullins. This damage forced the referee to step in and award Cornolle the finish victory.


Almeida vs. Budka

Result: Cesar Almeida def. Dylan Budka via TKO (Punches) at 2:13 of Round 2 Division: Middleweight Referee: Mark Smith

Budka used his wrestling to control the first round, taking down Almeida multiple times, but didn’t land much damage. The second round starts similarly, with Budka landing a takedown, but Almeida managed to return to his feet and reach the clinch. After a few position changes in the clinch, Almeida rained down elbows onto Budka, which forced a stoppage.

Argueta vs. Matsumoto

Result: Jean Matsumoto def. Dan Argueta via Submission (Guillotine Choke) at 4:59 of Round 2 Division: Bantamweight Referee: Jason Herzog

Argueta controlled early on in Round 1, even taking full mount, but Matsumoto managed to avoid significant damage. Argueta would continue landing takedowns in the second round, although Matsumoto hurt him on the feet when they were standing. Upon attempting another takedown, Matsumoto would lock in the guillotine choke and force Argueta to tap with just one second left in the round.


Falcao vs. Hugo

Result: Victor Hugo def. Pedro Falcao via Unanimous Decision (30-27, 29-28, 29-28) Division: Bantamweight Referee: Chris Tognoni

Falcao landed a takedown early on and earned some control time, but upon returning to the feet, Hugo landed some solid punches. Hugo landed more damage in the second, repeatedly denying Falcao’s takedown attempts. The damage continued in the third round, with Hugo scoring an early knockdown, denying more takedowns, and earning the decision victory.

De Randamie vs. Dumont

Result: Norma Dumont def. Germaine De Randamie via Unanimous Decision (29-28, 29-28, 29-28) Division: Women’s Bantamweight Referee: Keith Peterson

De Randamie landed solid leg kicks to start the round, but Dumont caught one and landed a takedown, leading the round to primarily play out on the ground with Dumont controlling. In the second, De Randamie pushed the pace and landed damage on Dumont, with Dumont scoring a late takedown and some damage of her own. De Randamie would pressure Dumont again in the third, but Dumont managed to repeatedly take her down and control her, winning the decision.


Brzeski vs. Walker

Result: Lukasz Brzeski def. Valter Walker via Unanimous Decision (29-28, 29-28, 29-28) Division: Heavyweight Referee: Mark Smith

Brzeski landed in volume early on, with Walter scoring a takedown and landing some damage of his own before they returned to the feet, where Brzeski continued landing shots. Walker landed more takedowns and ground and pound in the second but appeared visibly fatigued and ate some heavy shots on the feet. Walker earned more control time in the third but didn’t land much damage, with Brzeski making the grappling much more competitive and ultimately winning a unanimous decision.

Morono vs. McGee

Result: Alex Morono def. Court McGee via Unanimous Decision (29-28, 29-28, 29-28) Division: Welterweight Referee: Jason Herzog

The first round started competitively, but Morono stunned McGee with a right hand and landed most of the damage for the rest of the round. McGee caught a kick and pursued a takedown, which caused Morono to jump a guillotine that ultimately failed and allowed McGee to control in top position for most of the round. In the third, McGee looked to return the fight to the mat but was denied, and Morono turned up the pace and landed big shots on McGee, giving him the decision win.


Campbell vs. Peek

Result: Charlie Campbell def. Trevor Peek via Unanimous Decision (30-27, 30-27, 30-27) Division: Lightweight Referee: Keith Peterson

Campbell got to work right away, landing brutal leg kicks and forcing Peek to take the fight to the ground before they returned to the feet, where Campbell continued to land the bigger shots. There would be some wild striking exchanges in the second round, with Campbell repeatedly damaging Peek’s legs. Peek would go for broke in the third, getting wild on the feet and ultimately getting taken down and controlled for most of the round, giving Campbell the win.

Bahamondes vs. Giagos

Result: Ignacio Bahamondes def. Christos Giagos via TKO (Head Kick) at 3:34 of Round 1 Division: Lightweight Referee: Chris Tognoni

Bahamondes initially controlled the fight, with Giagos desperately looking to secure a takedown. Bahamondes landed a brutal spinning kick that hurt Giagos, ultimately leading to the head kick that dropped and finished Giagos.


Charriere vs. Mariscal

Result: Chepe Mariscal def. Morgan Charriere via Split Decision (29-28, 27-30, 29-28) Division: Featherweight Referee: Keith Peterson

Charriere got the best of Mariscal on the feet in the first round, landing damage, denying takedowns, and threatening submissions. In the second round, the pace slowed, and they had more striking exchanges, with both landing takedowns and damage, but Mariscal was wearing it more visibly. Mariscal pushed the pace in the third, landing solid damage and forcing multiple scrambles, and would earn a controversial split decision win.

Hernandez vs. Jackson

Result: Damon Jackson def. Alexander Hernandez via Split Decision (27-30, 29-28, 29-28) Division: Featherweight Referee: Jason Herzog

The first round started with some close striking exchanges until Jackson managed to take Hernandez’s back while standing, continuing to grapple for the rest of the round and securing a takedown at the end of it. Jackson controlled on the feet in the second round, pressuring forward, busting Hernandez’s nose, and threatening more grappling. Hernandez dropped Jackson early in the third and looked to finish, but Jackson stayed in there, controlled with his grappling, and won the fight.


Allen vs. Curtis

Result: Brendan Allen def. Chris Curtis via Split Decision (47-48, 48-47, 49-46) Division: Middleweight Referee: Mark Smith

In the first round, Allen looked to damage from a distance, landing multiple leg and body kicks without absorbing much damage. Curtis responded in round two, letting his hands go and damaging Allen with punches to the head and body. Curtis hurt Allen with a big left hand in the third round, leading Allen to shoot for and land a takedown and pursue a rear naked choke for the remainder of the round. Allen got back to landing kicks in the fourth round and repeatedly took Curtis down, but Curtis fought off the repeated attempts at a choke. In the fifth round, Curtis managed to keep it standing, denying multiple takedown attempts, but got rocked by a knee towards the end of the round, with Allen pouring on damage until the final bell and earning the victory.

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