Chris Curtis Out-Points Marc Andre-Barriault at UFC 297

Chris Curtis Out-Points Marc Andre-Barriault at UFC 297

Liam Lindsay|
January 21, 2024|

Despite a slow start, Chris "The Action Man" Curtis vs. Marc-Andre "The Powerbar" Barriault ended in a war, with Curtis claiming a split-decision victory.

Barriault started on the pressure early, with Curtis patiently waiting for an attack. The first round was patient, with Barriault throwing kicks out there and Curtis putting the pressure on late. The second round has an increase in the action from Curtis, but Barriault is still stuck to the back foot. The action picked up towards the end of the round, but no massive strikes from either man. Round three followed a similar pattern, with Barriualt finding most of his success with his kicks and Curtis with his boxing. In the final 30 seconds, Barriault and Curtis traded until the end.

Canada, you've been great! But, you're bloodthirsty motherfuckers. Sorry, we didn't kill each other in there!
- Chris Curtis

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