UFC Fight Night: Holloway Vs. Allen Results

UFC Fight Night: Holloway Vs. Allen Results

Liam Mooney|
April 16, 2023|

UFC Fight Night: Holloway Vs. Allen Results

Joselyn Edwards vs. Lucie Pudilova

Result: Joselyne Edwards def. Lucie Pudilova via split decision (29-28, 28-29, 29-28)

Division: Women's bantamweight

Referee: Dwayne Bess

Both fighters came out hot! Instant action from the opening bell, and Edwards eats a knee early in the clinch. Pudilova gets a takedown a couple of minutes in and is able to control her opponent for most of the round.

Edwards comes out to the second round with a bit more intensity; she seems to be getting the better of her opponent on the feet until Pudilova gets another takedown with around three minutes on the clock and is able to control her opponent for the remainder of the round.

In a similar story as the previous two rounds, Edwards is getting the better of her opponent on the feet using her jab and landing some good leg kicks. Pudilova has the advantage in grappling but cannot get a takedown in the final round. A much better showing in the final round for Edwards, and she takes the decision, much to the surprise of the MMA community and athletes online.

Gaston Bolanos vs. Aaron Phillips

Result: Gaston Bolanos def. Aaron Phillips via unanimous decision (29-28, 30-27, 30-27)

Division: Bantamweight

Referee: Nick Berens

The opening round is a close-fought contest with both men trading, but Bolanos seems to land the more powerful strikes and causes more damage to his opponent.

In the second round, Phillips is able to implement his wrestling, completing two successful takedowns. Phillips comes close as he attempts a rear naked choke, but his opponent manages to escape. In reversing the position, Bolanos is able to have some success with his ground and pound closing out the round.

In the final round, Bolanos manages to defend well when pushed up against the cage, and when Phillips attempts an armbar, Bolanos finds himself in full mount. Bolanos looks to make the most of this position and empties the tank with some ground and pound. However, Bolanos eventually lets him back up to his feet. After a failing spinning attack from Bolanos gives Phillips his back, Phillips keeps control for the remaining few minutes. While in control, he cannot cause much damage, and the bell sounds.

Bruna Brasil vs. Denise Gomes

Result: Denise Gomes def. Bruna Brasil via TKO (right hook) – Round 2, 2:42.

Division: Women's strawweight

Referee: Dwayne Bess

Early in the fight, Gomes drops Brasil with a leg kick and lands a nice right as she gets up. After that, Gomes dominates the exchanges and lands some powerful strikes. She hurts Brasil on multiple occasions throughout the round, most notably with a knee and a massive right toward the end of the round. Gomes looked crisp on the feet throughout and had the edge over her opponent for the majority of the opening round.

The second starts in a similar fashion. Gomes is landing flush with her right hand, a shot that's found success throughout the fight so far. Gomes fights well until the finishing sequence, where she drops Brasil with a right hook! Then, she pounces on her opponent and finishes the fight. Great performance.

Lando Vannata vs. Daniel Zellhuber

Result: Daniel Zellhuber def. Lando Vannata via unanimous decision (29-27, 29-28, 30-27)

Division: Lightweight

Referee: Jason Herzog

Zellhuber is towering over his opponent as the two fighters circle each other, both fighters investing in leg kicks early in the fight as they feel each other out and try to establish distance. Zellhuber rocks Vannata with a right and lands a huge knee! He wastes no time in following up and is all over his opponent! Zellhuber is reigning down with ground-and-pound shots. Zellhuber is on top and landing short punches. Vannata seems to have recovered but is in a precarious position. Vannata returned to his feet in the final moments of the round, but the Zellhuber clearly dominated the round and looked only moments away from the finish. A possible 10-8 round ends with both men on their feet, and Vannata seems to have survived the onslaught.

Vannata visibly wears the damage on his face in round two but seems to have recovered. In this round, both men find success and land some great shots. A much closer round where Vannta seems to have found his feet again.

With a much closer round in the books in the second, Zellhuber comes out strongly in the third. Vannata, by no stretch of the imagination, is out of the fight and continues to find success. A head kick lands late on for Zellhuber. Seemingly stunned, he recovers quickly, much like in the first round. That brings the bout to a close, and Zellhuber takes the victory in a very entertaining fight.

Gillian Robertson vs. Piera Rodriguez

Result: Gillian Robertson def. Piera Rodriguez via submission (armbar) – Round 2, 4:21.

Division: Women's strawweight

Referee: Keith Peterson

Rodriguez starts strong. She works behind a nice jab and fights well against Robertson's pressure. Roberston pulls guard and eventually reverses the position. She is able to keep control until the final bell.

Roberson gets the early takedown in round two and is in complete control landing big elbows from the top. Robertson fires up a quick arm bar that's locked in tight! It looks as though Rodriguez taps. However, the referee doesn't intervene until a few moments later—another controversy on the card as Rodriguez argues that she didn't tap. Nevertheless, Robertson wins via submission in an impressive performance.

Zak Cummings vs. Ed Herman

Result: Zak Cummings def. Ed Herman via TKO (punches) – Round 3, 4:13.

Division: Light heavyweight

Referee: Dwayne Bes

Cummings looks to be the much sharper fighter as he clips Herman on multiple occasions causing him to crash down to the mat. An illegal up-kick from Herman gives us a quick break in the action, but once the fight resumes, Cummings continues to cause damage showcasing a clear, striking advantage.

Cummings resumes testing Herman's chin in the second round. He drops him early in the round again and puts him down shortly after with a leg kick. Back on the feet, a huge left hook puts Herman down, who seems to be in great danger this time as Cummings throws down heavy ground and pound. Yet another illegal up-kick stops the action. This time a point is deducted for the second foul. Cummings continues to dominate on the feet and piece up Herman until the end of the round.

In the final round, the onslaught of a much one-sided fight continues. Another leg kick puts Herman down, and as the fight continues, Cummings keeps on the pressure, although the fight has notably slowed down. Finally, late in the round, a big left stuns Herman, and this one finishes the job as the referee calls a stop to the fight. During the post-fight press interviews, both men announce their retirement and receive a warm reception from the crowd.

Matheus Nicolau vs. Brandon Royval

Result: Brandon Royval def. Matheus Nicolau via KO (knee to the head) – Round 1, 2:09

Division: Flyweight

Referee: Nick Berens

Royval starts the fight with his renowned pressure. On the outside, Nicolau looks to enter the firing range. Seconds later, a colossal knee lands clean for Royval!! Royval swarms him and lands heavy elbows from the top! The referee jumps in and stops the fight. What a spectacular performance and a huge statement made in the Flyweight division.

Bill Algeo vs. TJ Brown

Result: Bill Algeo def. T.J. Brown via submission (rear-naked choke) – Round 2, 1:40

Division: Featherweight

Referee: Jason Herzog

Algeo starts strong, but the fight soon turns into a brawl. Both men have their moments, but Brown looks to take advantage landing big shots in quick succession. Algeo drops Brown with a jab in response to the pressure, but he quickly bounces back up, and both men continue to swing until the final bell after an immensely entertaining first round.

Alego starts the round impressively and drops Brown with a devastating elbow shortly after! He follows up on the ground, locks in a rear naked choke, and gets the tap. Great fight for the time it lasted and an impressive victory for Algeo.

Rafa Garcia vs. Clay Guida

Result: Rafa Garcia def. Clay Guida via unanimous decision (30-27, 30-27, 30-27)

Division: Lightweight

Referee: Dwayne Bess

Guida starts the fight, bouncing side to side and pressuring Garcia. Guida is swinging the fences with big looping hooks early. In comparison, Garcia is much cleaner with his boxing landing a crisp jab and straight shots down the middle.

Guida comes out to the second similarly, pressuring his opponent and looking to overwhelm Garcia. However, Garcia keeps calm and keeps piecing up Guida with his boxing. His jab is a considerable problem for Guida that he needs help finding an answer for.

Guida quickly returns for the final round, most likely realizing he is two rounds down. However, Garcia controls the distance, keeps picking away at his opponent with his jab, and lands some nasty uppercuts—an excellent performance from Garcia, who seemed to be one step ahead the whole fight.

Chris Gutierrez vs. Pedro Munhoz

Result: Pedro Munhoz def. Chris Gutierrez via unanimous decision (30-27, 30-27, 30-27)

Division: Bantamweight

Referee: Jason Herzog

The fight starts, and Gutierrez finds range with his jab. Not long after, a substantial hook lands and sends Gutierrez to the mat! Munhoz follows up the ground and works from the mount. Gutierrez seems to have recovered and avoided any real danger. The fight progresses, and Muhoz is in control up against the cage and keeps up the pressure until the bell.

A lot less action in the second round. Both men trade leg kicks and circle each other for the majority of the round. The lack of action is met by boos from the crowd.

The boos continue into the third round as both men trade leg kicks with nothing else happening. Munhoz is controlling the fight, but as the reaction from the crowd implies, not much action is going on—a reasonably comfortable victory for Munhoz, who was never in any danger throughout.

Tanner Boser vs. Ion Cutelaba

Result: Ion Cutelaba def. Tanner Boser via TKO (punches) – Round 1, 2:05

Division: Light heavyweight

Referee: Keith Peterson

Both men meet in the center, with Cutelaba landing early, Boser responds with a crisp jab. Cutelaba shocks Boser with a huge right! Clearly rocked, Boser is taken down and starts firing down shots! The referee sees enough, and Cutelaba finishes the fight early!

Dustin Jacoby vs. Azamat Murzakanov

Result: Azamat Murzakanov def. Dustin Jacoby via unanimous decision (29-28, 29-28, 29-28)

Division: Light heavyweight

Referee: Nick Berens

Murzakanov looks to pressure Jacoby and closes the distance. Things start well for the Russian as he drops Jacoby with a right. Jacoby is quick to his feet, but Murzakanov smothers him in pressure. A combination of body shots, leg kicks, and a crisp jab see Murzakanov close out an impressive round one.

Although Jacoby is finding success with his jab, Murzakanov is landing the cleaner strikes and causing Jacoby a lot of problems with his pressure and power. Murzakanov finishes another round in control but is slowing down after the intense pace he has been fighting at in the first two.

Jacoby understands that he needs a finish in this round, clearly with an increased urgency fighting against a much slower Murzakanov who is feeling the pace. Jacoby is finally finding his range and connecting with some big shots. Looking like he has hurt his opponent, Jacoby has him up against the cage and chases the takedown. It was a much better final round for Jacoby, but unfortunately, it will be too late as Murzakanov gets a huge win under his belt.

Edson Barboza vs. Billy Quarantillo

Result: Edson Barboza def. Billy Quarantillo via KO (knee to the head) – Round 1, 2:37

Division: Featherweight

Referee: Keith Peterson

Quarantillo unsuccessfully shoots for an early takedown. On the break, Barboza lands one of his famous leg kicks. Qurantillo looks to pressure Barboza and force him to fight on his back foot. Things are seemingly going to plan as he lands some nice jabs and forces Barboza up against the cage. However, Barboza breaks away, and as Qurantillo shoots for a takedown, Barboza throws up a mean knee! He instantly puts Quarantillo to sleep with a vicious KO! Incredible knockout victory for the veteran Barboza.

Max Holloway vs. Arnold Allen

Result: Max Holloway def. Arnold Allen via unanimous decision (49-46, 49-46, 48-47)

Division: Featherweight

Referee: Jason Herzog

An early low blow in the opening round causes a slight halt to the action. Holloway seems to be happy fighting on the outside as Allen presses forward. Allen lands a huge left hook, but Holloway continues unphased. As the round progresses, Holloway looks sharp with his combinations and ability to hop in and out of range while fighting on the outside.

Allen comes out aggressively in the second round and lands a huge left hook. Allen is finding the mark more here, but Holloway seems unphased and continues to fight at range. Holloway is causing some issues with his movement as he keeps circling away from Allen, but Allen is undoubtedly having more success than the first round and is finding a home for the big left hooks.

In the third round, Max stays busy and throws a lot of punches, not without resistance, however, as that big left hook from Allen is still finding the mark. Holloway lands a huge body kick that leaves noticeable damage and keeps popping away at Allen with his jab.

In the fourth round, Holloway invests more in the body shots, landing some more impressive kicks to the body but also jabbing at the body, waiting for Allen to drop the high guard he's been fighting with. Before the closing moments of the round, Allen lands a huge left, right down the middle. Holloway's famous chin has held up throughout this fight so far.

A close fight so far, but Allen's corner let him know that he would need a finish in the final round if he wanted to get to the victory, and thus, the fighter from England came out guns blazing. Allen throws heat and lands some nice shots, but Holloway's movement is still causing problems. Nevertheless, Allen keeps up a tremendous pace and pressures Hollway for much of the final round. Finally, after some grappling spells up against the cage, both men swing for the bleachers in the fight's final moments. Both men seemingly rocked in the process, but the final bell rings, and Holloway takes down another featherweight contender in an impressive fight from both men.

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