ONE Fight Night 16: Haggerty vs. Andrade Results

ONE Fight Night 16: Haggerty vs. Andrade Results

Liam Lindsay|
November 04, 2023|

The results for ONE Fight Night 16: Haggerty vs. Andrade are here. Keep up to date with the results of the fights.

Lightweight Muay Thai: Sinsamut Klinmee vs. Mouhcine Chafi

Result: Sinsamut Kilnmee def. Mouhcine Chafi via unanimous decision.

Division: Lightweight (170 lbs)

Referee: Olivier Coste

Chafi starts the fight intense with a leg kick and a barrage of punches, but Sinsamut lands a massive counter. Chafi pumps his jab out there, attempting to close the distance. Sinsamut lands another huge right hand before tripping Chafi. Sinsamut is lighting Chafi up with his hands right now. Chafi closes the round out with a spinning back fist that partially lands and a big straight.

The pair start round two with leg kicks, but Chafi begins to close the distance again. A head kick partially lands for Sinsamut as he slips, and the two begin brawling on their feet. A gnarly cut opens up on Chafis's face as he waves on Sinsamut. A push kick partially lands for Chafi with a minute to go, followed by a body shot. Sinsamut returns with his jab and closes the round out with a one-two.

Chafi immediately pressures at the start of round three and clips Sinsamut with a barrage of punches, then a leg kick. Sinsamut comes up high with another head kick, which partially lands, but Chafi comes right back with a cross. The pair trade punches on the feet again, with Chafi pressing the action at a slower pace. Chafi pushes the pace harder with a minute to go, and Sinsamut offers little back in the exchanges. The round closes out with a huge right hand from Sinsamut as both men raise their hands.


Lightweight MMA: Halil Amir vs. Ahmed Mujtaba

Result: TKO (referee stoppage) at 5:00 of round 1.

Division: Lightweight (170 lbs)

Referee: Herb Dean

Amir opened the action early with a sharp kick to the body, which was taken well from Mujtaba. Mujtaba returned with a quick right hand but got greedy and was countered by Amir on the way in. A beautiful trip from Amir takes the contest to the ground. Unbelievably, Amir guts, through a severe kimura attempt, ended up back in top position and managed to close the round out in devastating fashion, potentially a couple of strikes away from finishing the fight. Still, Mujtaba survived to see the second round.

At the opening of the second round, Herb Dean waves the contest off, deeming Mujataba unable to continue.

Catchweight Muay Thai: Seksan Or. Kwanmuang vs. Karim Bennoui

Result: Seksan Or. Kwanmuang def. Karim Bennoui via unanimous decision.

Division: Catchweight (140 lbs)

Referee: Olivier Coste

Bennoui gets the better of the action early but is forced to fight off the backfoot due to Seksan's pressure. Seksan attempts to close the distance and land elbows, but Bennoui uses his body jab and straights nicely to keep his range. A big elbow-overhand combination gets through for Seksan. Bennoui lands a left hook over the guard of Seksan to close out the round.

Seksan returns to his body kick early in the second round, with Bennoui attempting to counter it with low leg kicks. A huge elbow gets through for Seksan, followed by some knees to the body. Seksan is noticeably pressuring heavier in this round and finding more success because of it, but Bennoui isn't backing down from a shootout. After eating a right hand, Seksan goes right back to his clinch work, landing knees and elbows—a good combination from Bennoui after getting clipped by a head kick. The round closes out with a knee to the body from Seksan.

The third round begins with a cheer from the crowd and a three-punch combination from Bennoui. The two men are trading heavy punches on the feet. Bennoui gets trapped against the ropes and is forced to eat some vicious body knees. Seksan will not take a backward step right now. Bennoui is constantly finding hooks around the guard of Seksan but is also constantly eating elbows and knees. Seksan throws Bennoui to the ground and goes right back to the knees. Bennoui clips Seksan but cannot break through, and Seksan closes the round out with a couple of kicks to the body.


Welterweight Submission Grappling: Tye Ruotolo vs. Magomed Abdulkadirov

Result: Tye Ruotolo def. Magomed Abdulkadirov via unanimous decision.

Division: Welterweight (185 lbs)

Referee: Herb Dean

Abdulkadirov is pressuring early, trying to make contact with Ruotolo, who's taking a more measured approach. It's a beautiful entry for Ruotolo, who gets the match to the ground for a second, but Abdulkadirov scrambles back up to his feet, leading to nothing. Ruotolo pulls guard with three minutes burnt on the clock. Ruotolo threatens a modified buggy choke, but Abdulkadirov is wise to it, attempting to pass the guard. Ruotolo swiftly dives for the legs of Abdulkadirov but can't secure the lock, but uses it to sweep and end up in top position. Ruotolo passes to full mount with five minutes left to go. Ruotolo secures a body lock from full mount; Abdulkadirov defends well but has yet to be able to do much else and is falling behind in the contest now. Ruotolo passes out of mount and jumps for a guillotine choke. Abdulkadirov once again defends as Ruotolo switches to a d'arce choke. Ruotolo attempts to pass from half-guard to a leg lock, but Abdulkadirov again doesn't allow a submission to be created. Ruotolo ends back up in mount with a minute to go and threatens a triangle choke, then an armbar, but for the final time, Abdulkadirov battles out of it.

Bantamweight Kickboxing: Jonathan Haggerty vs. Fabrício Andrade

Result: Jonathan Haggerty def. Fabrício Andrade via KO (punches) at 1:57 of round 2.

Division: Bantamweight (145 lbs)

Referee: Olivier Coste

Haggerty starts fast with a barrage of low kicks and teep kicks. Two heavy body kicks get through for Haggerty and a right hand. Andrade gets through with some of his own low kicks and two punches to the body. Haggerty clips Andrade with hooks and blitzing combinations. A right-hand gets through at the end of the round for Haggerty, followed by a left hook to the body.

Haggerty goes back to the teep at the start of the round but is clipped by the jab of Andrade. Haggerty pumps his jab out there as Andrade starts to push forward more and unloads on Haggerty against the ropes. The two fighters trade kicks on the feet. Andrade gets buckled by a lead high kick, and Haggerty follows up with a swarm of punches. Andrade is seriously hurt on the feet, and Haggerty puts him down with a right hand. It's all over; Jonathan Haggerty stops Andrade in the second round with a barrage of strikes.

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