Raquel Pennington Wins Vacant Women's Bantamweight TItle at UFC 297

Raquel Pennington Wins Vacant Women's Bantamweight TItle at UFC 297

Liam Lindsay|
January 21, 2024|

Raquel Pennington pulled through a tough start to win the vacant Women's Bantamweight title with a blank victory over Mayra Bueno Silva via a clear unanimous decision in the co-main event at UFC 297.

The first round was a rocky start for the newly crowned Champion, with Bueno Silva securing a takedown and taking the back of Pennington. However, in the second, Pennington rocked Bueno Silva but gave up her back again to end round two. Most of the third round was contested along the fence, with both girls landing clinch strikes. By the end of the third round, Bueno Silva looked to be tired, and her output lessened. Pennington started the fourth round strong, outstriking Bueno Silva on the ground and on the feet. In the final round, much of the same followed, with Pennington finding success everywhere the fight went.

Mayra was tough; it's been a long five years, and I had to climb mountains to get back here. Stay believing.
- Raquel Pennington

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