Tony Ferguson Delivers Memorable Media Day Interview

Tony Ferguson Delivers Memorable Media Day Interview

Abdullah Ouazri|
September 07, 2022|

'El Cucuy' Tony Ferguson was not quiet during the UFC 279 media day interview. He gave many memorable quotes and insights into his newfound training system and weight class.

Ferguson sounded off on former Lightweight champion Khabib Nurmagomedov in regards to a potential TUF season between the two.

"We got the green light. We were waiting on Khabib's fat ass. We were waiting on fathead's fat ass. We got the green light from the brass. . . His coach. . . His agent. . . Regardless we're just waiting for Khabib's fat ass. He's the one that's scared."

He further pushed that Nurmagomedov was not retired and that he will be the one to bring him back. He believes Khabib simply took time away from the sport after his father's death but must honor his wishes to see him fight Ferguson.

When asked about his opinion of the potential fights he may find himself in at 170 he gave his thoughts:

"All of them are fun scraps. Everybody's a little bit bigger. I'm faster and I'm stronger. They're gonna have their hands full no matter who's in front of me. This week is Li Jingliang. We're gonna go out there, get our hands raised and he's gonna have a long ride home."

He stated as well that he is 14-2 in the Welterweight division throughout his career and is happy to be 'back home' and not cut excess weight.

Goats come and go but boats stay afloat. I'm a boat. The best of all time. That's a title that won't ever go anywhere.

The interview was a light-hearted conversation that had many laughs. One such moment came when he gave a prediction for the UFC 279 main event between Khamzat Chimaev and Nate Diaz.

"Double knockout. They'll knock each other the f*ck out."

Ferguson was asked if the rumors circulating himself and Diaz potentially matching up were true. He revealed that there was indeed truth to them but it never came to fruition.

"I think (the Nate fight was on the table). Like I said, shit happens. You just don't understand where the matchmaking is. They'll say that you got a fight then they'll give the fight to somebody else. Nate's cool. I have no guff against him. I got some respect for the guy. I saw him and he tried to pass me (weed)."

Fans were treated to a vintage Tony Ferguson interview today as he prepares to fight Li Jingliang this weekend at UFC 279. Ferguson enters the fight on a 4-fight losing streak.

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