TUF 31: Team Mcgregor vs. Team Chandler Episode 2 Results and Recap

TUF 31: Team Mcgregor vs. Team Chandler Episode 2 Results and Recap

Liam Lindsay|
June 07, 2023|

The Ultimate Fighter Season 31: Team Mcgregor vs. Team Chandler episode 2 just aired, and it was an eventful one. You're in the right place if you have yet to see episode 2 or want to check the results, so let's recap the full episode.

Timur Valiev Denied His Fight

The episode started unusually to most others, starting directly on the day of the fight that was supposed to go down between Mcgregor's #2 Bantamweight Trevor Wells and Chandler's #3 Bantamweight Timur Valiev. While warming up for his fight, Valiev was interrupted by Chandler, who had just been told by Commissioner Jeff Mullen his fight was off due to Wells suffering from a cold sore. Valiev was disappointed but took the news well, and the team agreed they'd reschedule the fight at a Catchweight in the future.

Instead, this episode will feature Mcgregor's #1 ranked Bantamweight, Mando Gutierrez, against Chandler's #4 Bantamweight, Cody Gibson.


Training: Team Mcgregor

Mcgregor's team assists Gutierrez, attempting to gameplan for Gibson, who has a height and reach advantage. Mcgregor drills Gutierrez always to keep his feet moving, and he practices grappling with John Kavanagh and imitates sparring with Mcgregor.

TUF House: Roberts Isn't Fond of Quiñones

Inside the house Roosevelt Roberts, the winner of the last episode, and Landon Quiñones engage in a verbal altercation, with Roberts displaying his displeasure with Quiñones' attitudes towards the veterans of the sport.


Training: Team Chandler

Gibson expresses his pleasure in working with Team Chandler, loving the advice he's received from Chandler, Bader, Drysdale, and Strout. They exceeded his expectations as coaches, and he believes he feels part of the team. Chandler and Bader drill wrestling positions with Gibson, and they work on utilizing his range in his striking sessions. Gibson states his game plan is to put heavy pressure on Gutierrez and drown him in deep waters. Chandler agrees and says the only man that can beat Gibson on the night is himself.

Cody Gibson in his locker-room with Coach Chandler and Ryan Bader. Credits to: Ardi Dwornik - ESPN Press.
Cody Gibson in his locker-room with Coach Chandler and Ryan Bader. Credits to: Ardi Dwornik - ESPN Press.

Weigh Ins

On weigh-in day, once again, Mcgregor does not show up to show his support. Chandler is there as per schedule. Mando Gutierrez weighs in at 135.5 lbs, and Gibson weighs in at 136 lbs. They both make the Bantamweight limit and after a firey face-off, the fight is on.


Mando Gutierrez vs. Cody Gibson

Result: Cody Gibson def. Mando Gutierrez via TKO (switch knee to punches) at 3:24 of round 1.

Division: Bantamweight (135 lbs)

Referee: Jason Herzog

The fight was action-packed while it lasted. Gibson managed to pressure early, using his teeps to push Gutierrez back. Gibson pushes his opponent into the fence and lands some clinch shots before the break. Both men land some chopping leg kicks. Gibson lands some straight shots, including a right hand that hurts Gutierrez. One apparent factor in this fight is that Gibson's ability to listen to his coach is much more substantial than Gutierrez's. The fight concludes after Gutierrez's blitz missed, so Gibson takes an angle change and throws a flying switch knee, landing flush. He follows up with ground strikes, and Herzog waves the action off.

He listened to our corner and finished him with a beautiful flying knee. He fought so much better than I think he even knew he could.
- Michael Chandler

Gibson moves onto the semi-final round after securing a nasty flying knee KO and brings Team Chandler's record to 2-0, while Team Mcgregor falls to 0-2. The fight next week will be Aaron McKenzie vs. Austin Hubbard.

What did you think of this episode? Do you think Team Mcgregor will snap their losing streak next week? As a member of the Verdict Community, let us know your thoughts with a comment below.

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