TUF 31: Team Mcgregor vs. Team Chandler Episode 7 Results and Recap

TUF 31: Team Mcgregor vs. Team Chandler Episode 7 Results and Recap

Liam Lindsay|
July 12, 2023|

The Ultimate Fighter Season 31: Team McGregor vs. Team Chandler episode 7 wrapped up with another eventful fight inside the UFC Apex, so let's recap the full episode.

Conor McGregor Releases Some Steam

At the beginning of the episode, Conor McGregor admits he needs to burn off some steam to recover from his six-fight TUF losing streak. He spars Landon Quinones, who is scheduled to fight Jason Knight this episode and drops him in the sparring session with a body kick. Quinones shrugs it off, however, and there is no hostility between the two.


Jason Knight Keeps His Cool

During a training session at Team Chandler, Jason Knight is grappling with Timur Valiev, and as they break away, Knight receives a laceration next to his right eye. Chandler and Knight visit the doctor, who uses Fibrin glue to seal the cut, and Knight is cleared to fight.

Cody Gibson Gets A Check-Up

After the injury with Knight, another member of Team Chandler is struggling with an injury. Gibson's left knee has been in pain and disturbing him during training. The doctor confirms it's a grade two MCL tear and recommends eight weeks to heal it completely, which would rule Gibson out of the competition. Gibson talks with Chandler and confirms he'll fight during the tournament no matter what, firing up himself and Chandler.


Weigh Ins

After cutting weight together days before, Quinones and Knight prepare for their weigh-ins. Jason Knight weighs in first at 155.5 lbs, and Quinones weighs the same. The two have a firey and respectful face-off following.

Landon Quinones vs. Jason Knight

Result: Jason Knight def. Landon Quinones via Submission (triangle choke) at 0:54 of round 1.

Division: Lightweight (155 lbs)

Referee: Chris Tognoni

Neither man wasted any time and started throwing as soon as the round commenced. Knight connected with a big right hand, and Quinones retreated with a teep to the body. The two had a wild exchange, and Knight finished it with a big knee in the clinch. Quinones shot for a double leg takedown, which he secured, but Knight quickly locked in a seamless triangle choke. Seconds later, Quinones tapped, and Knight was declared the victor.

Jason goes out there, gets in his face right away. Landon goes for a takedown and immediately Jason starts working. McGregors team are on the ropes!
- Michael Chandler

Team Chandler is now 7-0 on the show, with just one fight to go in the Bantamweight division. If Team Chandler's Hunter Azure wins next week, it will be the first time in TUF history every single fighter from one team has won in the quarter-finals.

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