UFC Fight Night: Dern vs. Hill Results and Play-by-Play

UFC Fight Night: Dern vs. Hill Results and Play-by-Play

Liam Lindsay|
May 20, 2023|

UFC Fight Night: Dern vs. Hill is going down right now. Check back here for all the results and statistics of the card.

Early Prelims

Takashi Sato vs. Themba Gorimbo

Result: Themba Gorimbo def. Takashi Sato via unanimous decision (30-27, 30-27, 30-27).

Division: Welterweight (170 lbs)

Referee: Chris Tognoni

Gorimbo starts fast in the opening round, putting a heavy wrestling pace on Sato, who manages to defend most exchanges. Gorimbo secures some takedowns, but no damage is done throughout the round. Towards the final minute, Gorimbo secures Sato's back, which should secure him the round.

Gorimbo starts the round strong again, knocking down Sato in the opening minute with a right overhand and nearly securing the finish. However, Sato survives the early scare and pushes Gorimbo against the fence before securing his own takedown. Gorimbo secures a takedown in the closing moments of the second.

Round three starts, and Sato picks up the pace, sensing he may need a finish. Gorimbo secures an early takedown and controls Sato for most of the round. Sato manages to rain some elbows down onto Gorimbo in the closing seconds, but it isn't enough to seal the deal.


Natália Silva vs. Victoria Leonardo

Result: Natália Silva def. Victoria Leonardo via TKO (punches and head kick) at 2:58 of round 1.

Division: Women's Flyweight (125 lbs)

Referee: Kerry Hatley

The bout starts, and it's immediately apparent who has the speed advantage, with Silva constantly being a step ahead. A remarkable combination from Silva drops Leonardo, who gets kicked against the fence. Silva follows up with a jab and a head kick, and the referee steps in—phenomenal performance from Silva.

Chase Hooper vs. Nick Fiore

Result: Chase Hooper def. Nick Fiore via unanimous decision (30-26, 30-27, 30-27).

Division: Lightweight (155 lbs)

Referee: Jason Herzog

A fast start for both as they engage in grappling exchanges, with Hooper attempting to secure leg locks. Fiore ends up on top and clambers back to his feet. Hooper finishes the round strong with a heavy blitz.

Hooper comes out the gates swinging throughout the third, racking up damage left, right, and center. Hooper controls the entire round on the feet.

More of the same in the third round, with Hooper demonstrating an insane gas tank, throwing over 150 strikes in the first two rounds. Hooper finishes strong with a double leg takedown and rides out a dominant decision victory.


Ilir Latifi vs. Rodrigo Nascimento Ferreira

Result: Rodrigo Nascimento Ferreira def. Ilir Latifi via split decision (29-28, 29-28, 28-29).

Division: Heavyweight (265 lbs)

Referee: Herb Dean

The heavyweights start swinging across the octagon, with Nascimento looking to use his massive height and reach advantage. Latifi is attempting some leg kicks against the taller man but gets clipped whenever he tries to close to distance. No takedowns are attempted for either man apart from Latifi at the start of the bout, and they both swing to the end of the round.

Both men pick up where they left off in round one, with no clear gameplan shift from either man. At the midpoint of the round, Latifi secures a takedown and controls Nascimento for the rest of the bout.

Both men sense they need the third round and start fast, with Nascimento getting more aggressive on the front foot. Latifi lands a powerful bomb on Nascimento, who responds with an even bigger punch, rocking him bad. Latifi shoots for a takedown but grabs the shorts and is separated by the referee. Undeterred, Latifi shoots again and gets Nascimento to the ground, legally, this time. Not wasting any time, Nascimento gathers himself to the feet. With thirty seconds to go, the two swing to the buzzer.

Orion Cosce vs. Gilbert Urbina

Result: Gilbert Urbina def. Orion Cosce via TKO (front kick to the body and knees) at 2:55 of round 2.

Division: Catchweight (172.5 lbs)

Referee: Kerry Hatley

A patient start turns scary for Cosce as he's dropped with a left hook early and blasted with some knees. Cosce battles back and starts to land with his straight rights but is stifled by Urbina, who secures a takedown. Urbina postures up and lands some heavy ground and pound strikes—dominant round for Urbina, who finishes the round with more heavy shots.

A more patient round from the two now, Cosce is still looking for that right hand. Urbina starts ramping up the pressure and lands a devastating teep kick to the body, dropping Cosce to a knee and finishing the bout in the second.


Karolina Kowalkiewicz vs. Vanessa Demopoulos

Result: Karolina Kowalkiewicz def. Vanessa Demopoulos via unanimous decision (30-27, 30-27, 30-27).

Division: Catchweight (117.5 lbs)

Referee: Chris Tognoni

Both girls start exchanging on the feet, with Kowalkiewicz on the front foot. Demopoulos tries for a takedown but fails. Both women land heavy shots on their feet. Kowalkiewicz is the more patient, having more success with her counters—a very tight round between the two.

Kowalkiewicz pressures again while Demopoulos struggles to secure a takedown. Kowalkiewicz is starting to pull some momentum, outpacing Demopoulos. A much less competitive round, although Demopolous is still throwing heat.

Demopoulous starts the round by pulling guard, but Karolina makes her pay with hammer fists. The guard pull proves to be a crucial mistake, as Kowalkiewicz is now dominating from the top position. The two return to their feet, and Kowalkiewicz returns to her game plan. Demopoulos goes all in at the end, but she likely hasn't done enough to secure the decision.

Maheshate vs. Viacheslav Borschev

Result: Viacheslav Borschev def. Maheshate via TKO (punches) at 2:37 of round 2.

Division: Lightweight (155 lbs)

Referee: Jason Herzog

It's a fast start for both guys, as expected, with Borschev trying to land a variety on the front foot. Maheshate is attempting many lead front kicks, but Borschev is aware of them. The head kick from Maheshate nearly lands flush. Borschev tries a Superman punch, but it countered beautifully. An eye poke from Maheshate pauses the action. Borschev goes right back to his leg kicks. Both men throw heavy leather in the closing minute of the round. Borschev lands a huge right hand and sits down Maheshate, clearly taking the round because of that moment.

They pick up where they left off in round two, with Maheshate attempting a takedown that's easily stuffed. Maheshate gets dropped again with a right hand but recovers much easier this time. He's much more willing to exchange in the pocket in this round. A left hook-right hook combination sits down Maheshate for the third time, and Herzog waves the bout off.


Main Card

Carlos Diego Ferreira vs. Michael Johnson

Result: Carlos Diego Ferreira def. Michael Johnson via KO (punch) at 1:50 of round 2.

Division: Lightweight (155 lbs)

Referee: Herb Dean

Two of the best-unranked Lightweights open our card here tonight with a fast start. Ferreira attacks Johnson's body early, but Johnson clips him early with a fast combination. The first takedown from Ferreira is stuffed, which is a good sign for Johnson. Johnson is starting to rack up some straight shots to the body. Left-hand rocks Ferreira. It's a solid first round for the underdog Johnson.

Johnson catches Ferreira early with a right. Johnson stuffs another takedown attempt. But an absolutely massive overhand lands for Ferreira, who knocks Johnson unconscious. Massive win for CDA.


Andre Fialho vs. Joaquin Buckley

Result: Joaquin Buckley def. Andre Fialho via KO (head kick) at 4:15 of round 2.

Division: Welterweight (170 lbs)

Referee: Kerry Hatley

A surprisingly patient start for both men, Fialho staying calm and slowly pressuring while Buckley throws the occasional blitz forward. Buckley switches up on Fialho with a level change and secures two takedowns toward the end of the round.

Fialho lands a nice lead hook early but stifles his chance with a low blow. Massive right hand stiffens Buckley, but he recovers well and starts throwing recklessly. Fialho responds with another huge right hand which wobbles Buckley again. Buckley attempts a flying knee and then lands with a left. Buckley presses forwards more and catches Fialho again. Fialho lands a lovely jab-cross combo. A clash of heads halts the action for a brief moment. Then, a massive head kick for Buckley lands, and it is all over.

Emily Ducote vs. Lupita Godinez

Result: Lupita Godinez def. Emily Ducote via unanimous decision (30-27, 29-28, 29-28).

Division: Catchweight (120 lbs)

Referee: Chris Tognoni

Fast start for Godinez, who advances on the front foot. Beautiful left straight gets through early for her. Godinez established herself with her straights early—boxing heavy approach from both fighters who aren't mixing in much else apart from some leg kicks. Ducote tries to change levels towards the end of the round but is unsuccessful. That was a good first round for Godinez.

Ducote starts the round with some much-needed pressure, firing off various shots. Godinez is blitzing off the back foot and getting through Ducote's guard with her shots. Ducote goes for another takedown, but it's sprawled from Godinez. A left hook momentarily stuns Godinez, but she takes it well. Godinez stops the third takedown. Godinez attempts her takedown, but it's stopped with ease. Much closer around than the first.

Ducote gets back on the pressure early, but Godinez is picking her shots off the back foot well. Ducote is starting to find more counter shots in the close-range positions. A heavy uppercut for Ducote lands, and Godinez swings back. The girls swing for the remainder of the fight before Godinez secures the only takedown to close it out.


Edmen Shahbazyan vs. Anthony Hernandez

Result: Anthony Hernandez def. Edmen Shahbazyan via TKO (elbows) at 333 of round 3.

Division: Middleweight (185 lbs)

Referee: Herb Dean

An early jab from Shahbazyan hurts Hernandez early in the fight. And again. Clear speed advantage for Shahbazyan early. Hernandez is struggling to get past the lead hand. Hernandez shoots, but it's stuffed. Hernandez follows up with a trip and tries to catch Shahbazyan in a guillotine but fails. The left hook to the right-hand hurts briefly. Hernandez is grinding for a takedown but can't secure it. Shahbazyan tries for a submission and ends up in full mount. Then switches to the armbar, but Hernandez escapes. Crazy paced in the first round for both guys. Hernandez closes out the round strong with another takedown.

Hernandez immediately shoots and gets Shahbazyan down. Shahbazyan looks tired after getting back up to his feet—huge elbow lands for Hernandez. Shahbazyan fails on his takedown attempt. Hernandez is grinding on Shahbazyan now, pushing at an insane pace. Hernandez tries for multiple submissions, but Shahbazyan is just surviving. Hernandez takes the back for a brief moment before landing some GnP. Massive elbows land for Hernandez at the end of the round, closing out an extremely dominant round.

Hernandez secures a takedown almost immediately and is already landing ground strikes. Shahbazyan looks wholly defeated. The referee doesn't need to see much more and stops the fight after some hellacious elbows.

Mackenzie Dern vs. Angela Hill

Result: Mackenzie Dern def. Angela Hill via unanimous decision (49-44, 49-44, 49-43).

Division: Strawweight (115 lbs)

Referee: Jason Herzog

Dern starts aggressively with her hands and immediately tries to take Hill down. The two grapple in the clinch before Dern rocks Hill on the feet, then she attempts a trip but ends up on the bottom. Dern sits down Hill with a right hand against the cage and looks for a submission—Dern controls for the rest of the round before posturing up and landing some heavy elbows. Hill survives a very dominant round from Dern.

Dern starts aggressively again, absolutely outclassing Hill at the moment. Hill tries some grappling herself but only secures some control time against the fence before landing a nice knee. Dern breaks away from the fence, and the two exchange. There is such a clear power advantage for Dern. Hill pushes Dern against the fence again before landing some huge shots in the round's closing.

The third round starts and Dern falls to her back instantly. Hill falls with her and struggles to escape a triangle choke and does. Dern lands a massive knee on the chin of Hill, who takes it well and ends up on top again. Hill is displaying a crazy chin. Dern secures a takedown and secures mount, and follows up with some heavy ground strikes. Dern comes close to stopping the bout, but Hill scrambles to survive. Dern lands a flurry of strikes on the ground, probably securing her second 10-8 of the fight.

Dern rushes forward again and cracks Hill early, but Hill pushes her against the fence to calm the storm. Dern is pushing relentless pressure on Hill, who can't find answers. Towards the end of the round, Dern rocks Hill with another elbow and then attempts to throw Hill to the ground. She finishes on top inside a choke.

Dern throws Hill to the ground as the fifth round starts and ends up in Hill's guard. She scrambles to Hill's back to search for submissions, but the gritty Hill still survives. Dern hammers Hills' head off her back and switches to a rear naked choke with a minute to go but can't secure it. She's still trying to finish the bout, landing elbows and strikes on Hill. Somehow, Hill makes it to the final bell, but we all know who has won.


Stats for the card:

6 KO/TKOs.

0 Submission.

6 Decisions.

1 first-round finish.

Total fight time of 2 hours, 15 minutes and 36 seconds.

Performance of The Night bonus winners: Viacheslav Borschev and Carlos Diego Ferreira

Fight of The Night bonus winners: Mackenzie Dern and Angela Hill

The largest return for a bet on Verdict MMA was Carlos Diego Ferreira via TKO/KO in the second, which returned 16138xp from 600xp.

User ralph23griffin stood atop the leaderboard alone with 19372xp.

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