UFC Fight Night Jacksonville: Emmett Vs Topuria Post-Fight Results

UFC Fight Night Jacksonville: Emmett Vs Topuria Post-Fight Results

Liam Mooney|
June 24, 2023|

UFC Jacksonville Fight Night: Emmett Vs Topuria Post-Fight Results

Cody Brundage vs. Sedriques Dumas

The first round started as Brundage immediately shot and completed a double leg takedown. Brundage then attempted a guillotine, ended up on the bottom once Dunas slipped out, and spent most of the round there. After finally getting back up, Brundage attempted another guillotine following another wrestling sequence, which also ended with Dumas being on top, where he spent the remainder of the round. Dumas wasn't able to do too much damage from the top, but landed a couple of heavy shots in the last few seconds.

As both men circle to start the second, Brundage went for a takedown again early, which was reversed by Dumas, who found himself on his opponent's back. Dumas then thoroughly controlled the second round from the top position and attempted a couple of rear naked chokes, but Brundage was able to evade.

Like the previous two rounds, Brundage looked for a takedown early, where he was successful against the fence. Again, Brundage looked for a guillotine, except this one looked much more profound than in the first round. However, Dumas could still escape and found himself on top again. Dumas found himself in full guard and spent the remainder of the fight in control.

Result: Sedriques Dumas def. Cody Brundage via unanimous decision (30-27, 29-28, 30-27)

Division: Middleweight

Referee: Dan Miragliotta

Jamall Emmers vs. Jack Jenkins

The first round was action-packed as Jenkins brought the forward pressure, and Emmers responded with quick footwork. Emmers was using his reach advantage well and was able to dart in and out and land fast, fluid combinations. Jenkins, on the other hand, landed powerful leg and body kicks. As the round went on, Emmers found his groove a little more towards the end, but a very close round where both men had success.

Similar to the first, Emmers was bouncing in and out and was quick on his feet. He was landing cleaner, more fluid combinations this round and causing Jenkins problems. Jenkins responded well. However, he kept the forward pressure and was still finding success with his leg kicks. Both men landed hard shots, including Emmers's impressive spinning back fist. Both men certainly gave the fans a good back-and-forth bout. Late in the round, Jenkins successfully landed a takedown, but it was quickly reversed, and Emmers found himself on top until the bell.

Immediately both men returned to trading in the center of the octagon. Emmers went for a takedown this time and got it. Emmers almost locked in a rear naked choke, but Jenkins fought well and returned to his feet. Emmers used a headlock to take Jenkins down again, but Jenkins ended up on top. However, only briefly, as Emmers hit a nice sweep and regained top position. Jenkins tried to fight off his back and was active with punches and elbows, but ultimately Emmers was able to control his opponent from the top for a large portion of the round.

Result: Jack Jenkins def. Jamall Emmers via split decision (27-30, 29-28, 29-28)

Division: Featherweight

Referee: Andrew Glenn

Chepe Mariscal vs. Trevor Peek

A fast exchange to open the first round, a heavy leg kick from Peek followed by a barrage of heavy fists set the tempo for the rest of the fight. Both men didn't take long to swing for the bleachers trying to decapitate one another. Marscal got a takedown and found the back of Peek, he locked in a deep rear naked choke, but somehow Peek managed to fight the hands and escape! As they fought back to their feet, Mariscal landed the more dangerous shots in the exchanges, but Peek was undeterred—a wild first round.

More of the same in the second. Both men were swinging for the bleachers, and neither wanted to give up an inch. Mariscal was the more technically sound striker and was finding the mark more, stinging Peek with his shots. He also managed to land an impressive trip and attempted an arm bar while on the mat, but Peek escaped and got back to his feet. Both men exchanged in the pocket again until the bell. Peek looked more fatigued at the end of this round.

Peek looked to be going for the kill this round, as he was probably two rounds down. Peek was looking for an uppercut as he threw the same punch four times; Mariscal was wise to it and landed some big blows of his own in response. Peek was then rushing in whenever he could but was undoubtedly the more tired of the two men, and Mariscal was able to pick off his shots more efficiently in the final round. The fight started to slow down towards the end as Marsical caught his opponent and landed some stiff knees.

Result: Chepe Mariscal def. Trevor Peek via unanimous decision (30-27, 30-27, 30-27)

Division: Lightweight

Referee: Larry Folsom

Joshua Van vs. Zhalgas Zhumagulov

In the opening of this bout, Van showed us a clean left jab that he utilizes well throughout the round. Zhumagulov landed some stiff leg kicks and got a couple of takedowns. Both men landed some clean shots on the feet and found success.

The action began instantly in the second as both men delivered hooks and kicks. The fight was fought at a fast pace and high volume as we continuously went back and forth between the two. Van bombarded his opponent with strikes and pressed him up against the fence, but Zhumagulov weathered the storm and was able to return with some dangerous strikes of his own before the bell—an impressive performance from both men and a close fight.

Van landed some clean counters to start the third, but the pace didn't slow down as both men looked happy to stand and trade. The entire fight, we saw a close back and forth between both athletes in a fight that could have swung either way—excellent performance from both men.

Result: Joshua Van def. Zhalgas Zhumagulov via split decision (28-29, 29-28, 29-28)

Division: Flyweight

Referee: Andrew Glenn

Tabatha Ricci vs. Gillian Robertson

Ricci opened as the aggressor as she landed some kicks. Robertson looked to get an early takedown, but Ricci showed good defense. Not long after, Ricci got a takedown of her own, but it was shortlived as Robertson fought her way back to her feet. Both athletes traded punches multiple times, but Ricci seemed to get the better of the exchanges. Ricci got another takedown before the end of the round, but much like the first, Roberston got back to her feet quickly.

Ricci showed good movement throughout the second as she connected with the better strikes. Robertson was looking to get the fight to the ground, but Ricci was just one step ahead of her opponent. Ricci looked to be the quicker of the two and continued to have success on the feet throughout the round.

Ricci continued to cause problems with her speed throughout the final round, not only with her strikes but also defensively. Robertson finally got a takedown of her own, but Ricci was capable of scrambling back to her fight without taking any real damage. Ricci was able to land more clean punches and significant combinations and proved to be the better striker throughout the fight.

Result: Tabatha Ricci def. Gillian Robertson via unanimous decision (29-28, 29-28, 30-27)

Division: Women's strawweight

Referee: Keith Peterson

Loik Radzhabov vs. Mateusz Rebecki

Rebecki pressured his opponent early and backed him against the cage with hefty leg kicks. Rebecki was landing the cleaner strikes while showing good defensive head movement. Both men looked intent on swinging with power, but neither found the target. Rebecki got an impressive takedown as he lifted and slammed his opponent to the mat. Rad managed to fight his way to his feet, but his success was short-lived as a leg kick sent him back down, and Rebecki finished the round on top.

Rebecki went straight back to the leg kicks at the start of the second, and the damage to his opponent was evident. Another chopping kick sent Radzhabov down, but his opponent let him back up. He looked on shakey legs as his right leg looked to give way momentarily. Rebecki followed up with a clean left that dropped Raszhabov, and the referee quickly called a halt to the action.

Result: Mateusz Rebecki def. Loik Radzhabov via TKO (punch) – Round 2, 2:36

Division: Lightweight

Referee: Larry Folsom

Randy Brown vs. Wellington Turman

The round started, and both men looked to find their range with their jab and did a good job of avoiding each other's advances early. Turman invested in low-leg kicks in the round and had success on multiple occasions. A couple of breaks in action were casued due to an accidental eye poke and a low blow from Brown. The round finished with a take down from Brown in the final seconds of the round.

As they came out for the second, Turman had Brown's body locked against the cage, but Brown's defense held up. Turman landed a clean elbow on the break, but Brown, unphased, reversed the position and had Turman back up against the cage. Brown was active with knees to his opponent's legs, with the majority of the round fought up against the fence. In the dying moments of the round, Brown caught a knee, got another takedown, and finished the round on Turmans back.

Another round with the majority being spent grappling up against the fence and in the clinch. Brown found some success on the feet and landed a clean combination midway through the round, and Turman landed a stiff elbow nearer the end. But Brown looked in control for the most part and got the nod from the judges.

Result: Randy Brown def. Wellington Turman via unanimous decision (29-28, 29-28, 29-28)

Division: Welterweight

Referee: Andrew Glenn

Neil Magny vs. Phil Rowe

Rowe clinched his opponent early and pressed Magny against the fence, where they spent the majority of the round. Calls for action from the referee, and eventually, both found themselves in the center again. They traded shots with little time left on the clock, bringing the round to a close.

Both men traded strikes as the second round began, and Rowe got a takedown. As Magny stood up, Rowe was able to get his back in a standing triangle. Magny defended well and was able to shake Rowe off. For the rest of the round we saw some grappling exchanges and clinching. In this round, Magny succeeded on the feet and finished strong with stiff knees in a Thai clinch.

The third round was closely contested like the previous two, Rowe looked to clinch Magny against the cage, but Magny defended well and landed the better strikes on the feet.

Result: Neil Magny def. Phil Rowe via split decision (29-28, 28-29, 29-28)

Division: Welterweight

Referee: Dan Miragliotta

Brendan Allen vs. Bruno Silva

A slow start to the fight as Allen clinched his opponent against the cage prompting the referee to call for action. The fight, however, soon turned into a slugfest as both men stunned the other. Impressive fighting in the pocket from both men as the fight soon turned into a brawl. Allen then dropped Silva with a huge right! Allen rushed in to follow up and landed strikes from the top position as Silva tried to defend. During the scramble, Allen managed to maneuver his way to Silva's back and sunk in a rear naked choke for the victory.

Result: Brendan Allen def. Bruno Silva via submission (rear-naked choke) – Round 1, 4:39

Division: Middleweight

Referee: Marc Goddard

David Onama vs. Gabriel Santos

Santos caught Onama with a stiff right early in the first round, which caught Onama's attention. Santos shot for a takedown, but it was reversed, and Onama ended up on top. Santos fought back to his feet and stunned Onama again! Onama looked for a takedown, but it was reversed, and Santos looked for an armbar attempt. Onama was able to break free, and the two exchanged on the feet once more before the bell.

Santos landed an early spinning back fist, sending both fighters into a flurry. Santos then got a takedown with a body triangle locked in. Onama used incredible strength to break free and found himself in full guard. Not long after, both men were fighting back on their feet, where Onama landed a clean elbow that stunned Santos. Onama followed up with a vicious uppercut and a left hook as Santos seemingly fell back. As he hits the canvas, the referee rushes in to call an end to the bout. That was a fantastic finish from Onama.

Result: David Onama def. Gabriel Santos via knockout (punch) – Round 2, 4:13

Division: Featherweight

Referee: Keith Peterson

Austen Lane vs. Justin Tafa

During one of the early exchanges, as Lane looked to land an overhand right, he, unfortunately, struck Tafa with a deep eye poke. After the allotted five minutes, the fight was eventually called off as Tafa still couldn't see from the affected eye.

Result: Austen Lane vs. Justin Tafa ruled a no contest (accidental eye poke) – Round 1, 0:29

Division: Heavyweight

Referee: Dan Miragliotta

Maycee Barber vs. Amanda Ribas

Ribas pressured early and landed leg kicks. With Barber up against the cage, Ribas landed a big left that looked to stun Barber, and Barber returned with a stiff elbow that cut Ribas! They exchanged punches in the middle, and Barber started to get the better of her opponent. Late in the round, Ribas rolled for a kneebar attempt, but Barber was able to avoid and landed some significant ground and pound strikes until the end of the round.

Barber looked for an early takedown in the second, but Ribas was able to stuff it. Ribas landed a right hand that resulted in a bloody nose for Barber. Midway through the round, Ribas is caught with a huge kick! Following up with a right hand, Barber rushed her opponent, delivering intense ground and pound until the referee called the fight: a great fight and a massive victory for Maycee Barber.

Result: Maycee Barber def. Amanda Ribas via TKO (punches) – Round 2, 3:42

Division: Women's flyweight

Referee: Keith Peterson

Josh Emmett vs. Ilia Topuria

Emmett opened the round, rushing toward Topuria and landing a quick combination. Topuria stayed calm and collected, putting pressure on Emmett and forcing him onto the back foot for most of the round. Both men traded in the pocket, but Topuria's boxing is a step ahead of Emmett's as he was able to dart in and out, evading Emmett's big swinging punches.

Topuria worked his jab well in the second round, while Emmett looked to utilize leg kicks. Topuria's defense was impressive in this round too, as he used incredible footwork and head movement to get himself out of danger on numerous occasions. Not only that, but Topuria was piecing up Emmett in the exchanges, with the damage now very visible on Emmett's face. Emmett got hit with a rocket right hand which left him on his knees, the fight looked close to being over, but Emmett made it through the round.

Much like in the first two rounds, this fight looked like it could explode at any second as both men swung for the bleachers and stood in the pocket multiple times. Topuria's leg kicks started to add up as Emmett wobbled every time one connected. Even though Topuria was clearly winning the fight, Emmett still looked dangerous in the exchanges and was catching Topuria. As the round progressed, Topuria was settled behind his jab and boxing up Emmett, whose face was bruised and bloodied.

Topuria again fought behind his jab and used fantastic movement to avoid any of the big shots Emmett was throwing. His leg kicks also left Emmett in a bad spot now, as Topruia seemingly couldn't miss. Later in the round, Topuria dropped Emmett flush with a right hand; as Emmett got back to his feet, Topuria was looking for the finish as Emmett was knocked down again! He took full mount and threw down bombs, but, Emmett survived and barely scraped through the round as the bell rang.

With nothing to lose and to attend to his corners orders, Emmett came out swinging for the bleachers. Topuria was wise to it and looked to implement his wrestling and find the less risky path to victory. On the feet during the round, Topuria was still one step ahead with his defense and managed to control Emmett in the grappling exchanges to bring up an elite performance and fantastic victory for Topuria.

Result: Ilia Topuria def. Josh Emmett via unanimous decision (50-44, 50-42, 49-45)

Division: Featherweight

Referee: Marc Goddard

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