UFC Pay-Per-View Price Set to Rise Once Again Next Year

UFC Pay-Per-View Price Set to Rise Once Again Next Year

Abdullah Ouazri|
December 22, 2022|

Starting in January, it’s going to cost you more than ever to be a UFC fan. ESPN will raise the price of numbered PPV events by $5 just a year after its last increase, per Adam Stern.

Throughout 2022 it’s cost $74.99 to purchase a UFC PPV event through ESPN, $5 more than the year prior. Starting at UFC 283: Teixeira vs. Hill, fans will need to pay $79.99 to watch the main card.

This hike up in price does not affect ESPN’s yearly plan which will remain at $99.99, and it won’t change the recently updated monthly plan either, which went from $5.99 to $9.99 this year.

At the rate it’s been going, fans will have to pay more and more each year to watch the sport they love, with the annual cost of each PPV event along with ESPN+ now totaling approximately $1,060 to $1,070.

It costs more than ever to be a UFC fan today, nearly double what it did 10 years ago

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