Betting Odds: Mark Zuckerberg massive favorite over Elon Musk in potential clash

Betting Odds: Mark Zuckerberg massive favorite over Elon Musk in potential clash

Douglas Vegas Bets|
June 23, 2023|

Odds have been released for a hypothetical clash of two of the world’s richest men after Mark Zuckerberg, and Elon Musk both have expressed interest in making a bout happen. There is no official agreement for a bout, leaving things like weight, date, and location to be determined.

Odds Provided by accurate as of 6/23/2023 2:45 AM EST

Current Odds: Mark Zuckerberg -500, Elon Musk +375

These odds mean a bettor would need to risk $500 on Mark Zuckerberg to win $100; meanwhile, a $100 bet on Elon Musk would win $375.

Many people have discussed how a potential bout between these two would shape out, and oddsmakers seem to have a clear idea. Mark Zuckerberg has shown notable interest in MMA and the UFC as he has been seen training and competing in grappling tournaments as well as attending UFC events. Elon Musk has been known to challenge other people of influence to combat, having previously issued a challenge to Vladimir Putin that went unanswered.

Do you think Zuckerberg’s martial arts training is going to be enough to overcome the size of Musk? Let us know in the comments below.

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