UFC Fight Night: Allen vs. Craig Results

UFC Fight Night: Allen vs. Craig Results

Taylor Dow|
November 18, 2023|

UFC Fight Night: Allen vs. Craig Results



Charles Johnson vs. Rafael Estevam

Result: Rafeal Estevam def. Charles Johnson by unanimous decision (29-28, 29-28, 29-28.)

Division: Catchweight (128 lbs)

Referee: Chris Tognoni

Round 1: A very nice back-and-forth start to the round to start the night; however, Estevam looks slightly more in control with his incredible Judo throws and brief stint in the full mount.

10-9 Estevam in the first.

Round 2: More of the same in round 2 from Estevam, potentially more dominant from him event. But Johnson briefly returns to his feet and lands some nice kicks and jabs. It's still an Estevam round.

10-9 Estevam in the second.

Round 3: Chris Tognoni stops the action as soon as the round begins to wipe Johnson down as his back is covered in water, and as soon as the action begins, Johnson starts teeing off with powerful shots. Estevam looks tired in this third and final round, and Johnson needs a finish. Estevam is still hard on the wrestling; however, the referee splits them up. Johnson has found his rhythm and is landing shots at will. This round is as clear a Johnson round as there is.

10-9 Johnson in the third.

Trey Ogden vs. Nikolas Motta

Result: Ruled a no-contest due to referee error.

Division: Lightweight

Referee: Mike Beltran

Round 1: A short feeling-out process takes place right away. Ogden lands a good jab and follows it up with some wrestling. They break, and both start throwing some powerful shots. The jab from Ogden is winning him this opening round. Ogden lands a big takedown with 40 seconds left in the round and holds him down until the buzzer.

10-9 Ogden in the first.

Round 2: Motta begins round 2 with much more pressure and is finally landing some shots. Excellent takedown defense from Motta early in the round. Motta clips Ogden halfway through the round and clearly hurts him. Motta is throwing with heat, landing massive shovel hooks from both hands. Ogden lands a short-lived takedown with 30 seconds to go; however, the damage from the Motta side gives me the edge in the scoring for round 2.

10-9 Motta in the second.

Round 3: Ogden digs deep for a takedown early in the round and ends up in the mount position. Both men need a big round here to take the decision or finish. Ogden sets up an arm triangle; however, due to the position, Ogden cannot step off to the side to lock it in as the cage is in the way. Odgen adjusts and finds the spot, locking in the arm triangle submission. The choke is deep, and Mike Beltran asks Motta to respond, but he doesn't, causing Beltran to stop the fight by submission. Motta immediately gets up to complain, and clearly he wasn't out. It's a sad finish to an otherwise good fight. The bout is called a "no contest."

Round 3 ends early due to a referee error.


Lucie Pudilová vs. Ailín Pérez

Result: Ailín Pérez def. Lucie Pudilová by unanimous decision (29-28, 29-28, 29-28.)

Division: Women's Bantamweight

Referee: Chris Tognoni

Round 1: Pérez with some excellent kicks to start the round as she turns the striking into grappling and scores a takedown early. As Pudilová explodes to escape, Pérez reverses it and steals the mount. Pérez's grappling is impressive here; it is a remarkably tight mount that Pudilová can't escape. Pérez ends the round on top and takes a clear 10-9 round.

10-9 Pérez in the first.

Round 2: Pérez is straight back on the takedowns and ends up on top immediately. Pérez is back in mount and landing big elbows now. Pudilová is holding on for dear life and trying to stop Pérez from posturing. The round ends with Pérez on top after another clear 10-9 round.

10-9 Pérez in the second.

Round 3: Pérez continues wrestling and drags Pudilová to the ground; however, she shoots back up and takes Pérez down. Pérez gets back up but is immediately taken back down, and Pudilová takes the mount, but Pérez uses the fence to sneak out the back. Both women are getting aggressive in the final 2 minutes, and Pudilová is up in this round. Pudilová sinks in a deep choke with seconds to go, but it is not enough to get the job done.

10-9 Pudilová in the third.

Jeka Saragih vs. Lucas Alexander

Result: Jeka Saragih def. Lucas Alexander by knockout at 1:31 of round 1.

Division: Catchweight (148 lbs)

Referee: Herb Dean

Round 1: Saragih is looking to counter, and Alexander is leading. Alexander falls to his back but jumps right back up, and as soon as he does, Saragih lands a huge right hand that drops Alexander. Saragih follows it up with beautiful ground and pound, which stops the fight.

Saragih knocks out Alexander in the first.


Mick Parkin vs. Caio Machado

Result: Mick Parkin def. Caio Machado by unanimous decision (29-28, 29-28, 29-28.)

Division: Heavyweight

Referee: Mark Smith

Round 1: Machado starts the fight with a bomb that slightly lands, forcing Parkin to grapple and end up on top. They return to their feet and get back to the striking. Parkin is getting touched up and continues to grapple. Machado breaks it off and lands a big body shot. Machado ends the round with a nice blitz and takes the round on damage.

10-9 Machado in the first.

Round 2: Machado is landing great straight shots but gets taken down in the first minute. Parkin is heavy on top, but the ground and pound is few and far between. Machado scrambles with 1:30 to go and gets to his feet, landing more big shots, but Parkin is back on the takedowns and winds up on top again. This round is Parkin's due to the heavy control on top.

10-9 Parkin in the second.

Round 3: Both men are tired after a grueling 2 rounds. A clash of heads halts the action 1 minute in, but both men seem fine. Parkin lands his biggest shot of the fight halfway through the round, and Machado returns with a flying knee. This third round is not decisive either way, and this fight is as close as they come. It could go either way, but I'll give the edge to Machado in the third due to a big shot he landed in the closing seconds.

10-9 Machado in the third.

Christian Leroy Duncan vs. Denis Tiuliulin

Result: Christian Leroy Duncan def. Denis Tiuliulin by knockout at 4:24 of round 2.

Division: Middleweight


Round 1: Tiuliulin starts heavy, with a clear game plan to overpower Duncan. Duncan closes the distance and works hard against the fence for a takedown. Duncan keeps the same position for nearly the full 5 minutes of the round.

10-9 Duncan in the first.

Round 2: A low blow halts the action immediately, but Tiuliulin says he can continue. Duncan is coming on strong with hooks, straights, and flying knees. Tiuliulin comes back with his own strikes halfway through the round. Both men, especially Tiuliulin, have shown incredible toughness throughout this fight. Duncan backs Tiuliulin to the fence and lands an emphatic right and a left elbow that drops Tiuliulin, leading to the finish.

Duncan knocks out Tiuliulin in round 2.


Chad Anheliger vs. Jose Johnson

Result: Jose Johnson def. Chad Anheliger by submission at 4:49 of round 3.

Division: Bantamweight

Referee: Chris Tognoni

Round 1: Johnson scores an early takedown followed by a nice knee on Anheliger's get-up. Johnson scores a takedown that is reversed and reversed again by Johnson. The grappling is back and forth during the closing seconds. It's a close round, but I'm giving it to Johnson.

10-9 Johnson in the first.

Round 2: An eye poke stops the action 30 seconds in, but Johnson is good to go again after a minute. Anheliger holds Johnson against the cage and ultimately gets the takedown into the half guard, and then moves to side control, but Johnson sneaks out the side. The grappling between these 2 is super impressive. In the closing seconds, Johnson is digging deep for a choke; however, he abandons it for some ground and pound.

10-9 Johnson in the second.

Round 3: Johnson is swinging big to start the round, but Anheliger times a takedown and winds up on top in the full guard. Johnson looks to be setting up a triangle; however, Anheliger is wise to it. Johnson gets to the top position and turns Anheliger over to take the back. Johnson gets the rear-naked choke submission with 11 seconds to go.

Jose Johnson submits Chad Anheliger in the third.

Jonathan Pearce vs. Joanderson Brito

Result: Joanderson Brito def. Jonathan Pearce by submission at 3:54 of round 2.

Division: Featherweight

Referee: Herb Dean

Round 1: Pearce is quick on a takedown attempt, but Brito holds it off with a guillotine. Brito abandons the submission and takes the underhooks, reversing the position and scoring a takedown. Pearce capitalizes on Brito's mistake to wind up on top. They make it to their feet and break, with Brito landing a big shot on the separation—the round ends after a narrow winning margin for either man.

10-9 Brito in the first.

Round 2: Pearce scores another early takedown, wearing on Brito by holding him down. A bit of trash talk goes down between the 2. Brito is digging deep to get to his feet, ultimately getting there. As soon as they get up, Brito locks in a tight ninja choke that forces Pearce to tap.

Brito submits Pearce in the second.



Uroš Medić vs. Myktybek Orolbai Uulu

Result: Myktybek Orolbai Uulu def. Uroš Medić by submission at 4:12 of round 2.

Division: Welterweight

Referee: Mike Beltran

Round 1: Medić begins with some heavy kicks. Medić's striking in close is money tonight, but Orolbai gets him to the mat. Orolbai seems to have the grappling advantage, as every time Medić gets to his feet, Orolbai gets him back to the canvas. The round ends with Orolbai on top after a dominant wrestling round.

10-9 Orolbai in the first.

Round 2: Medić needs to time something big here; otherwise, Orolbai will get back on the takedowns and control him. Orolbai scores another takedown and holds Medić on the floor, ultimately taking his back. Medić digs deep to get back up but is grounded yet again. Orolbai sinks in an unorthodox bulldog choke/neck crank that leads to the tap.

Orolbai submits Medić in the second.


(#9) Luana Pinheiro vs. (#10) Amanda Ribas

Result: Amanda Ribas def. Luana Pinheiro by knockout at 3:53 of round 3.

Division: Women's Strawweight

Referee: Chris Tognoni

Round 1: Pinheiro is throwing haymakers right off the bat. Ribas is keeping her distance and being patient. Ribas is landing her shots, but the power is definitely coming from the Pinheiro side. Ribas is very light on her feet, but Pinheiro is timing accordingly. Ribas shoots in for a takedown but ultimately gives it up. The round comes to a close, nearly entirely contested on the feet. Pinheiro gets a slight edge in the first.

10-9 Pinheiro in the first.

Round 2: Ribas looks more active in the second but still has difficulty finding the target. Pinheiro's side-to-side movement is the key to her evasiveness. Ribas is landing great shots from the southpaw position, and Pinheiro is just eating them. A head kick from Ribas lands with 50 seconds to go. Pinheiro survives to see the buzzer, but we are all tied up 1-1.

10-9 Ribas in the second.

Round 3: The outcome relies on this round for these women. Pinheiro is back with some big shots. But the fight is still back-and-forth. Pinheiro initiates some grappling and winds up on top in the guard. Ribas gets back up and starts landing big shots on a tired Pinheiro. A remarkable spinning kick stuns Pinheiro, which Ribas follows up with punches to ground and pound to finish the fight.

Ribas knocks out Pinheiro in the third.

Payton Talbott vs. Nick Aguirre

Result: Payton Talbott def. Nick Aguirre by submission at 0:58 of round 2.

Division: Bantamweight

Referee: Mark Smith

Round 1: Aguirre shoots a quick takedown and holds Talbott on the mat for half the round. Talbott eventually gets to his feet, but Aguirre stays on the back, trying to drag him back to the floor. However, Aguirre gets him back to the floor and stays on the back. Aguirre ends the round on the back of Talbott with 4 minutes of control time.

10-9 Aguirre in the first.

Round 2: Aguirre is back on the takedown, but Talbott is wise to it with a sprawl, with Talbott ending up on top. Talbott lands some good ground and pound from the guard as Aguirre looks tired. Talbott lets him up to his feet. Aguirre is desperate to get him to the floor, even pulling guard. Aguirre finally gets the takedown and climbs onto the back. Talbott leans forward to shake him off the top, which gets him off, and Talbott takes the top position. Talbott ends the round on top, landing ground and pound.

10-9 Talbott in the second.

Round 3: Aguirre is getting desperate here, definitely tired. Talbott reverses a takedown to end up in mount, take the back, and get the submission.

Talbott submits Aguirre in the third.


Chase Hooper vs. Jordan Leavitt

Result: Chase Hooper def. Jordan Leavitt by submission at 2:58 of round 1.

Division: Lightweight

Referee: Mike Beltran

Round 1: 2 of the best young grapplers go head-to-head in this fight. Leavitt shoots a takedown, which Hooper reverses. Leavitt uses submissions to sweep and end up on top. Hooper sinks an armbar but is unable to pry Leavitt's arm out. Leavitt gets on top, postures, and lands a huge shot. Hooper spins for the back and locks in a deep rear-naked choke that leads to the tap.

Hooper submits Leavitt in the first.

Michael Morales vs. Jake Matthews

Result: Michael Morales def. Jake Matthews by unanimous decision (30-27, 29-28, 29-28.)

Division: Welterweight

Referee: Herb Dean

Round 1: Morales is clearly the bigger fighter here. Morales lands a nice straight shot that stuns Matthews. Matthews clips Morales, but it doesn't phase him. Morales' timing is a significant key in this fight; he's in and out. Both men are landing some nice shots; however, the round has a slight edge to Morales.

10-9 Morales in the first.

Round 2: The leg kicks are putting in work for Morales; Matthews is showing some damage already. Morales starts teeing off against the fence, but Matthews escapes back to the center. Matthews has a strong guard from the heavy onslaught of Morales. Matthews is landing some big shots, but Morales doesn't bat an eye. A much better round from Matthews; however, Morales ends strong with a flurry.

10-9 Morales in the second.

Round 3: A low blow halts the action briefly. Matthews is finding his timing a little more, but it's a little too late, as he needs a finish in this round to win. Morales is just slightly ahead everywhere in this fight. Every time Matthews comes in, Morales gets out just in time. The third round ends after Matthews finds some success in the final seconds, but it's not enough to win him the round.

10-9 Morales in the third.


(#10) Brendan Allen vs. (#13) Paul Craig

Result: Brendan Allen def. Paul Craig by submission at 0:38 of round 3.

Division: Middleweight

Referee: Mark Smith

Round 1: The main event is finally here! They begin with a bit of feeling out, with Craig controlling the center of the Octagon. They lock up, and Craig drags Allen to the fence. A lot of hand-fighting occurs, and Allen gets the throw and winds up on top. The grappling scrambles of these 2 men are very impressive; this is precisely what Middleweight needs. Allen ends the round on top after back-and-forth submission attempts from both sides.

10-9 Allen in the first.

Round 2: There is some visible on the face of Craig. Allen shoots a takedown and finds himself in the guard of Craig, one of the most dangerous places to be against him. However, Allen is confident in his grappling and fights off every submission coming his way, even piling on some of his own. Allen is slowly adding more and more damage to Craig. Craig is now leaking blood from above his eye. The elbows on top from Allen are his bread and butter here. Round 2 ends with another submission attempt from Allen.

10-9 Allen in the second.

Round 3: Allen lands some big shots on the feet, which forces Craig to shoot. Allen reverses the shot and ends on top, taking the back and scoring the rear-naked choke.

Allen submits Craig in the third.

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