Backstage Brawl Erupts At UFC 279 Between Chimaev, Diaz, Holland

Backstage Brawl Erupts At UFC 279 Between Chimaev, Diaz, Holland

Abdullah Ouazri|
September 09, 2022|

A massive brawl has erupted at MGM Grand during the time of the UFC 279 press conference. The press conference is canceled, but the show will move on as per schedule according to Dana White.

The altercations began between Khamzat Chimaev and Kevin Holland but erupted into a brawl involving over 100 people. Holland made his way to the conference and faced off with his opponent, but Chimaev seemingly escalated the situation.

It turned into a Team Chimaev vs. Team Diaz royal rumble and multiple other fighters were involved. Renowned manager Tiki Ghosn "took a few shots for the team," said Dana White at a media scrum. He further said, "If it wasn't for Tiki we'd have been in big trouble."

Holland since weighed in as well.

"Just so everyone knows. I offered that clown a free beard trim. I don’t know anywhere in the US that would offer that service free! I am precise I promise I would not knick him. At your service just like the hotel staff bro." - Kevin Holland via Twitter.

According to media reports, there were no serious injuries to any fighters during the breakout and Dana White revealed that the conference had to be canceled for safety reasons.

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