Danny Barlow Secures Nasty TKO Over Josh Quinlan in UFC Debut

Danny Barlow Secures Nasty TKO Over Josh Quinlan in UFC Debut

Liam Lindsay|
February 18, 2024|

The final fight of the early prelims at UFC 298 was a striking lesson from Danny Barlow, who grew into the fight and impressed the crowd with a third-round finish over the tough Josh Quinlan.

Danny Barlow threw a myriad of attacks at Quinlan in the first round, dicing up flying knees and head kicks. Quinlan stunned Barlow with a sharp jab at the midpoint of the round, giving him more confidence and allowing him to pressure forward more.

The second round followed a similar pace, with Barlow shooting his jab out at range and Quinlan trying to break the distance between the two. A flying knee got through for Barlow, but Quinlan shook it off. A low blow briefly halted the action, but Barlow recovered, and the fight continued. Barlow easily won the last half of the round, confidently outstriking Quinlan.

The third round was a statement from Danny Barlow, who dropped Quinlan early with a left hand. From there, it was already over, with Barlow following up with massive strikes, forcing referee Jason Herzog to stop the fight.

"I broke my right arm in the first round, maybe my left hand too. But it's good man. We here to stay, man!
- Danny Barlow

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