Dominick Cruz Still Doesn't Believe Daniel Cormier Watches Film on Fighters

Dominick Cruz Still Doesn't Believe Daniel Cormier Watches Film on Fighters

Abdullah Ouazri|
August 11, 2022|

Dominick Cruz was asked during a media scrum whether or not he believes Daniel Cormier watches film on fighters prior to calling their fights. "I doubt it. . . I call him 'The Golden Fluffer.' Whatever you wanna hear, he will say it. - Dominick Cruz to media

Cruz has previously expressed criticism towards fellow UFC commentator Daniel Cormier. Last year at UFC 269 he had words for DC:

"When it comes to DC, I usually mute it. I love DC. He’s my friend, but to me, from my experience, he doesn’t do the homework. He wants to get in and out, get the job done, make his money. And I think he cares about us, but it’s just different. He doesn’t do the preparation from my experience." - Cruz insinuates that DC doesn't do his job as he should.

The two have since squashed their beef with one another in the form of a sit-down interview as part of Cormier's YouTube series, "The DC Check-In With Domonick Cruz". Cruz held firm to his beliefs while DC tried to persuade him that excellent commentary isn't always the most prepared for and detailed analysis of the fight. In the end, their views did not change but the relationship between them was restored.

Now it appears that Cruz still thinks the same way heading into his upcoming fight against another commentator Marlon Vera. The two will compete in the main event at UFC San Diego this Saturday on ESPN and ESPN+.

The winner of this fight will factor heavily in the Bantamweight top 5 and potentially the title picture.

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