Jones vs Stipe: What is at Stake for Both Fighters

Jones vs Stipe: What is at Stake for Both Fighters

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October 24, 2023|

In the combative realm of the UFC, two titans, Jon Jones and Stipe Miocic, are set to collide. With retirement possibly on the horizon for both, their upcoming bout promises to be more than just another fight. The legacies of both fighters are at stake, and this clash at UFC 295 on November 11 could very well determine the path each fighter takes afterward.

Jon Jones’ Impending Defense

In an anticipated return, Jon Jones is set to defend his heavyweight title against Stipe Miocic at UFC 295. With the former light heavyweight champion considering this his last fight, the stakes couldn’t be higher. Jon Jones made a grand return to the UFC after his three-year break. At UFC 285 in Las Vegas, he faced Ciryl Gane and showcased an impeccable performance. The 35-year- old exhibited his prowess, taking down Gane in under a minute and securing a victory with a guillotine choke at 2:04 of the first round. It was an event that proved his worth in the heavyweight division and quelled any concerns regarding his hiatus.


Stipe Miocic’s Return

After over two years of absence from the cage, Stipe Miocic is preparing to face Jon Jones. Once hailed as the greatest MMA heavyweight, Miocic hasn’t stepped into the Octagon since his knockout loss to Francis Ngannou at UFC 260 on March 27, 2021. It’s a match that offers Stipe an opportunity to reclaim his spot at the top, but there are questions surrounding his long span of inactivity.

Considering Retirement

For Stipe, there’s much more riding on this bout than just a win. Following his loss to Ngannou, the formidable fighter, also known as ‘Stone Cold,’ has been contemplating his future. Balancing a fighting career with his duties as a firefighter and paramedic has always been challenging, and while he’s hinted at retirement previously, this might be the bout that seals his decision. “It’s always a possibility because after my first fight in the UFC, UFC 136, I thought about retiring, so we’ll see. But I’m not going to worry about that. I’m going to worry about fighting,” Miocic said. The Ngannou loss devastated Stipe emotionally and a setback against could be what drives him out of MMA. If Miocic loses, he will likely focus on his job as a firefighter and paramedic and it’s hard to imagine him finding enough motivation to come back, at least for the time being, and if

he wins, he might feel like there’s nothing left to prove. A rematch with Jones and a money fight with former champion Ciryl Gane could be in the cards.


Life Beyond the Octagon

Retirement from the UFC doesn’t necessarily mean an end to competition. Former UFC legend George St. Pierre has stayed active and continued to train after retiring. The UFC legend recently announced his decision to return to competition in submission grappling. Demetrious Johnson, who now fights for ONE Championship has also mentioned going that route once he retires. DJ was born in the Bluegrass state of Kentucky which recently legalized online gambling. BetMGM Kentucky has you covered if you’re a Kentucky native looking to get in the any of the UFC action this year now that the state has legalized online gambling. On the MMA Hour DJ mentioned reaching out to GSP and recently “Mighty Mouse” entered into this years IBJJF Masters Worlds in Las Vegas and took home a gold medal.

The Big Event at Madison Square Garden

UFC fans are in for a treat as the Jon Jones vs. Stipe Miocic fight will take place at the iconic Madison Square Garden in New York. Scheduled for November 11, this promises to be one for the history books. Though the entire fight card is yet to be revealed, the anticipation is palpable.


Venue Significance

Madison Square Garden has been a historical venue for many iconic events. Hosting this colossal bout between Jones and Stipe amplifies the significance of the fight, adding to the aura of the legendary fighters.

Dana White’s Optimism

Despite Jones’ statements about this being his last fight, UFC President Dana White remains hopeful. He’s optimistic about the possibility of seeing more of ‘Bones’ in the UFC, a sentiment shared by many fans and fighters alike. “Jon Jones is one of those guys that when he is gone is when he will really get the credit that he absolutely deserves. He is a bad mother fu**er. 100%,” White said. “After that fight, if he wins, if he can beat Stipe (Miocic). Realistically if you look at it. Stipe is looked at as the greatest heavyweight ever. Jon Jones is the greatest mixed martial artist of all time,” White added.


Jones’ Legacy in the UFC

Jon Jones has etched his name in UFC history. His move to the heavyweight division and his subsequent victory over Gane has only reinforced his stature. Based on what White thinks, would Jones keep fighting if he beats Miocic? If Jones wins, he can claim that’s he’s done it all and achieved everything he set out to achieve, though a rematch with Gane and challenges from other top ranked heavyweights, including Sergei Pavlovich and Tom Aspinall could intrigue him.

Final Thoughts

As UFC 295 approaches, the air is thick with anticipation. Both fighters, Jones and Stipe, have legacies to protect, and this bout could be the defining moment of their careers. Whether they choose to retire or continue, their contributions to the sport are undeniable.


Legacy and What Lies Ahead

The outcome of this match will undoubtedly impact the futures of both fighters. If Jones wins, he could will undoubtedly go down as the undisputed greatest. For Stipe Miocic, a victory might be the redemption he’s seeking and secure his claim as the greatest heavyweight in UFC history to date, or it could be a triumphant curtain call. Regardless of the result, the next challengers for both fighters will have big shoes to fill.

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