Robert Whittaker Defeats Paulo Costa Via Close Unanimous Decision

Robert Whittaker Defeats Paulo Costa Via Close Unanimous Decision

Liam Lindsay|
February 18, 2024|

The co-main event for UFC didn't disappoint, with a contender for Fight of The Night between Robert Whittaker and Paulo Costa.

In the first, Costa pressed the action early but ate some stiff leg kicks from Whittaker. Both men fired off kicks, with Costa bringing them up high. Whittaker found big success with his lead hooks as Costa tried to establish his jab. Whittaker landed a massive right on Costa, who found more success at the end of the round. At the end of the round, Costa landed a massive spinning heel kick, which rocked Whittaker badly.

The second round started similarly to the second, with both men chopping each other's legs. An eye poke briefly stopped the action, but Whittaker got right back into it. Whittaker lit Costa up with a good combination but ate a partial high kick from Costa. Whittaker connected with a huge right hand as Costa started to slow down in the fight.

An early right-hand gets through for Costa, who eats another leg kick. A big knee got through for Costa, starting the round strong. Most of the round was a toss-up until the final minute, with Whittaker pulling ahead.

Me and Dricus (du Plessis) aren't done yet. I'm not going anywhere baby!
- Robert Whittaker.

What a fight! Let us know your thoughts about the fight in the comments below.

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