Team Makhachev Responds to Team Volkanovski's Cheating Accusations

Team Makhachev Responds to Team Volkanovski's Cheating Accusations

Abdullah Ouazri|
February 14, 2023|

Recently, just after Islam Makhachev defeated Alexander Volkanovski at UFC 284, he and his teammate Dan Hooker have come out with accusations against Makhachev for using an I.V. to rehydrate post-weigh-ins to gain an advantage during the fight illegally.

The claim was not given any backing or proof from Hooker or Volkanovski, and both fighters have received online backlash for the unexpected remarks. However, a popular support point from their fans was a small pink mark on Makhachev's forearm, distinctly reminiscent of a needle injection site.

The mark on Islam Makhachev's arm. Credits to: Zuffa LLC
The mark on Islam Makhachev's arm. Credits to: Zuffa LLC

Others quickly denied any reasoning behind such claims, as a rehydration I.V. Would be used after weigh-ins, not before, which would detriment the weight cut and cause a decrease in performance ability.

Fans and fighters continued to speculate until Makhachev's manager, Rizvan Magomedov, released a statement on Twitter:

Jealous losers spreading lies. Eventually, this is all you can do.
- Magomedov responded to Hooker and Volkanovski's words.

He was later asked what the small mark on Makhachev's arm suggesting a needle injection point was. He had this to say:

Mandatory blood test by [Australian Commision] Wednesday morning right before media and photo shoot. Ask Hooker to find the nurse with the commission, she can confirm.
- He responds to the question and Hooker's claims of hiring a nurse to illegally rehydrate with an I.V. via Twitter

As of the time of writing, Team Volkanovski has not responded to Rizvan or the media and has yet to back up any claims made.

What do you make of the situation? Do you believe there's substance behind the Aussies' words? Let us know in the comments below.

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