TUF 31: Team Mcgregor vs. Team Chandler Episode 5 Results and Recap

TUF 31: Team Mcgregor vs. Team Chandler Episode 5 Results and Recap

Liam Lindsay|
June 28, 2023|

The Ultimate Fighter Season 31: Team McGregor vs. Team Chandler has now aired and is in the books. The full episode will be recapped in this article, so if you need a memory refresh or want to know the results, you're in the right place.

Chandler and Katona Find The Balance

Brad Katona belongs to Team Chandler and has trained at SGB in Ireland for the last six years. This means he's very close with many of the coaches on Team McGregor, which creates an uncanny blend between the coach and fighter. Katona expresses his desire to watch tape with his team to take mental notes about the fight, which Chandler follows. Katona also believes Chandler is fed up with him, but Katona isn't fazed. He also talks with members of Team McGregor while the rest of Team Chandler waits for Katona on the bus.


Training: Carlos Vera

Carlos Vera trained in Taekwondo and Capoeira from a young age, and because of this has a unique, striking style. McGregor takes a liking to his style and advises Vera on techniques to use vs. Katona. Vera details that he's a dangerous fighter because he can take the fight anywhere and has an incredible heart. Vera practices striking with Team McGregor coach Owen Roddy.

Training: Brad Katona

Katona drills wrestling and Jiu-Jitsu positions with Robert Drysdale and practices with teammate Kurt Holobaugh. Katona says he's constantly refining his skills and watching tapes because he loves the sport. Chandler discusses while watching the tape that keeping his distance and feint his straight is essential. He also emphasizes winning the positions against the cage. Chandler also highlights that Vera's biggest strengths are his leg locks and guillotines and that Katonas greatest advantage is his fight IQ.


Weigh Ins

Brad Katona and Carlos Vera are called up to the scale on weigh-in day. Dana White mentions that Katona wants to become the first 2x TUF winner. Katona weighs 135.5 lbs, and Carlos Vera weighs 135.5 also. The two have a cordial faceoff before a shake of hands.

Carlos Vera vs. Brad Katona

Result: Brad Katona def. Carlos Vera via unanimous decision.

Division: Bantamweight (135 lbs)

Referee: Chris Tognoni

The first round began with both men feeling each other out with their kicks. Katona rushed forward with a left hook-right hand combination and pushed Vera against the fence. He secures a double-leg takedown, which Vera initially gets up from but is dragged back down by Katona. Katona holds Vera down for a substantial amount of time, but neither man land anything too significant. Katona takes the back of Vera, but he escapes, and they get back to their feet. Vera lands a couple of strikes in the closing minutes of the round.

In between rounds, Chandler tells Katona to keep pressuring, whereas Team McGregor asks Vera for more activity on the feet.

The second round starts faster, with Vera landing a switch kick to the body and another kick to the body. Vera picks Katona apart on the feet briefly before Katona shoots on another takedown and secures it. He's able to secure Vera's back and nearly sinks in a rear-naked choke, but Vera manages to escape and reverses position. Vera returns to his feet, but Katona shoots in for another takedown, which he secures. Katona keeps the fight on the mat for the rest of the round, riding out to a decision.

McGregor calls for three rounds, but the fight is scored unanimously for Katona. McGregor calls out Chandler, asking if he's ever had a five-round fight, but Chandler responds with a confident yes.

The boy's are rolling, man, 5 and 0. They're doing great; I couldn't be more proud of them. We're gonna keep stacking up these wins and clean sweep this thing.
- Michael Chandler

That's five in a row for Team Chandler now, while Team McGregor is still yet to get a win. Next week, Lee Hammond will face Kurt Holobaugh.

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