TUF 31: Team Mcgregor vs. Team Chandler Episode 6 Results and Recap

TUF 31: Team Mcgregor vs. Team Chandler Episode 6 Results and Recap

Liam Lindsay|
July 05, 2023|

One of the most eventful episodes of The Ultimate Fighter Season 31: Team McGregor vs. Team Chandler just went down, so let's recap the full episode.

Training: Lee Hammond

After a five-fight skid for Team McGregor, the #1 seed Lee Hammond aimed to become the first member of his team to secure a win. Hammond trained his striking with Conor McGregor and his coach John Kavanagh, who he trains with in Dublin, Ireland. Hammond says he'll use his range and keep his cool to get the victory.


Training: Kurt Holobaugh

Under the instruction of Chandler, Kurt Holobaugh and Roosevelt Roberts drill wrestling while Chandler motivates his veteran. Chandler discusses Holobaughs grappling pedigree and tells Holobaugh always to exert his presence.

Weigh Ins

At the weigh-ins, Michael Chandler is again displeased because Conor McGregor does not attend them. Kurt Holobaugh weighs in at 155.5 lbs, and Lee Hammond comes in at the Lightweight limit of 156 lbs.


Lee Hammond vs. Kurt Holobaugh

Result: Kurt Holobaugh def. Lee Hammond via Submission (guillotine choke) at 3:21 of round 2.

Division: Lightweight (155 lbs)

Referee: Herb Dean

As soon as the round begins, Hammond throws a straight which Holobaugh slips, but he leans back, allowing the Irishman to secure the takedown. Hammond remained on top for the rest of the round, landing some nasty elbows on Holobaugh, who couldn't escape from his back.

Lee Hammond and Kurt Holobaugh fighting inside the UFC Apex. Credits to: Chris Unger - Zuffa LLC.
Lee Hammond and Kurt Holobaugh fighting inside the UFC Apex. Credits to: Chris Unger - Zuffa LLC.

Between rounds, Hammonds's corner expressed that he had five minutes and won the fight, whereas Holobaughs corner was urgent.

In the second round, the two fighters exchanged feet briefly before Holobaugh secured a takedown. Hammond attempted a guillotine choke but couldn't secure it. After some scrambles, Hammond ended up on top and started dishing out some more ground-and-pound strikes. However, in the dying minutes of the round, Holobaugh scrambled up and locked in a guillotine on Hammond, forcing the Team McGregor prospect to tap out.

Aftermath Altercation

In his darkest hour, Kurt somehow pulled it out; he threw up a hail mary and beat Conor's closest teammate. Hail Mary Holobaugh!
- Michael Chandler

This was Conor McGregor's sixth straight loss on the show and his most emotional one yet. While the result of the fight was being announced, McGregor was yelling, "fine coaching out of Bellator," a sly dig at Chandler. Chandler came back, leading to the two facing off in the middle. After some words, McGregor shoved Chandler in the face.

Next episode, Landon Quiñones will attempt to break the losing streak for Team McGregor against Team Chandler's #1 Lightweight seed Jason Knight. As a member of the Verdict Community, let us know your prediction for the bout in the comments below.

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