UFC Fight Night: Moreno vs. Royval 2 Results and Play-By-Play

UFC Fight Night: Moreno vs. Royval 2 Results and Play-By-Play

Liam Lindsay|
February 25, 2024|

After nearly five years, the UFC is back in Mexico City, Mexico, for a UFC Fight Night card stacked with Mexican talent, and a special five-round co-main event. Here are all the results in action tonight.

Erik Silva vs. Muhammad Naimov

Result: Muhammad Naimov def. Erik Silva via TKO (Injury) at 0:44 of Round 1.

Division: Featherweight

Referee: Fernando Salas

The night's first fight is underway with a touch of gloves between the two and an early leg kick attempt for Silva. Immediately, Muhammad Naimov threw a spinning-heel kick, which landed awkwardly on Silva. After a trip takedown from Naimov, the bout is stopped due to an unfortunate injury after Silva stepped back on his foot wrong.


Victor Altamirano vs. Felipe dos Santos

Result: Felipe Dos Santos def. Victor Altamirano via Split Decision (29-28, 29-28, 27-30)

Division: Flyweight

Referee: Bladimir Puga

The Flyweights wasted no time getting after it in the second bout of the card. Both men exchanged a variety of wild kicks, and Altamirano nearly fell into a guillotine. Altamirano secured two takedowns after a clash of heads, but Dos Santos popped back up both times. On the third time, Dos Santos jumped for another guillotine but couldn't secure it and rose back to his feet. Dos Santos overswung on another shot, allowing Altamirano to secure another takedown.

Dos Santos started round two with a flurry of kicks but was knocked down from a sidekick by Altamirano. Dos Santos connected with a big right hand, but Altamirano seemed unphased. Dos Santos started picking the action up on the feet, but Altamirano responded with a takedown to ground the Chute Box fighter. A massive right hand caught Altamirano, briefly rocking him, but the Mexican recovered well. Altamirano finished the round with another takedown.

Dos Santos again caught the Mexican with a nasty counter right before securing the back of Altamirano and attempted to lock down the rear naked choke. Altamirano remained calm, escaped the choke, and scrambled back to his feet. Altamirano sluggishly moved around the cage, with Dos Santos looking like the much fresher fighter. However, Dos Santos could not fend off another takedown and ended up on the bottom again. Altamirano tried to lock down an arm triangle, but the Brazilian was wise to do so, so he rose to his feet once again. Dos Santos pushed ahead in the final thirty seconds, and the two Flyweights go the distance.

Ronaldo Rodriguez vs. Denys Bondar

Result: Ronaldo Rodriguez def. Denys Bondar via Submission (rear-naked choke) at 4:58 of Round 2.

Division: Flyweight

Referee: Mike Beltran

Denys Bondar started this fight fast, landing a nasty overhand into a takedown. However, Rodirugez reversed position and got back to his feet. Another overhand stunned Rodriguez and Bondar went for the same takedown. Bondar started piecing Rodrigues up, but the Mexican responded with his own heat towards the end of the round. In the closing minutes of the round, Rogriguez pushed Bondar up against the fence and started teeing off on his before the buzzer sounded.

Bondar started round two with a crazy right hand into a spinning elbow, but Rodriguez ate all of it. Bondar got Rodriguez down to the ground again, but the Mexican quickly reversed position. Bondar shot for another double leg, but Rodriguez's scrambles were on point. The Mexican started hammering down strikes on Bondar in the dying seconds of the round before locking down a rear-naked choke and finishing Bondar with two seconds to go.


Claudio Puelles vs. Fares Ziam

Result: Fares Ziam def. Claudio Puelles via Split Decision (29-28, 30-27, 29-28)

Division: Lightweight

Referee: Herb Dean

Puelles started the fight with a fast takedown, which Ziam couldn't fend off. A sharp jab dropped Puelles, and Ziam followed up with ground and pound strikes but couldn't finish Puelles. Recovering well, Puelles secured another takedown and grounded Ziam.

Puelles pulled guard early in round 2, but Ziam worked his way back to the feet and partially ate a head kick. Another big takedown gets through for Puelles who begins to control Ziam for the first time in the fight. Puelles tried to take the back of Ziam, but the Frenchman defended well against the submission attempts. Ziam takes top control and starts elbowing Puelles until the end of the round.

Puelles attempted a wayward shot to start round 3, but it was stifled very quickly. However, his second attempt was successful, but Ziam pulled a guillotine to reverse the position. The rest of the round was spent on the mat, and Ziam finished the round strong with some heavy ground strikes.

Edgar Chairez vs. Daniel Lacerda

Result: Edgar Chairez def. Daniel Lacerda via Submission (triangle-choke)

Division: Catchweight (131 lbs)

Referee: Marc Goddard

This Flyweight rematch began with a fast start, with Chairez sending out a flying knee attempt, followed by a hard body kick. After trading kicks, Chairez got through with a hard straight, which forced Lacerda to shoot for a takedown, which he secured. Chairez threw up a triangle choke, which forced Lacerda to tap, this time legitimately.


Jesus Santos Aguilar vs. Matues Mendonca

Result: N/A

Division: Flyweight

Referee: N/A

Mendonca wasted no time at the start of the fight, quickly flooring Aguilar with a takedown. The entire round was played out on the mat, with both men going back and forth in the grappling exchanges, and Mendoca locking up a late armbar that was slammed out of by Aguilar.

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