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Verdict lets you score MMA fights and increases the transparency of MMA bouts. How many users thought round three was a 10-8 round? What percentage of users think the fight is going to end in the first round? With Verdict all this information is at your fingertips.

From the community
Eric Haber@EricJHaber

In case everyone doesn’t know already... I FRIGGIN LOVE @VerdictMMA. Main thing I love about this app is it keeps me so engaged with the fights, and I actually get to track and see how I’ve scored previous fights. Can’t try to convince everyone enough to go download this app!!!!!

December 28, 2018


If you want an app to keep track of your fight picks @VerdictMMA is a cool way to do it. Place picks, score rounds and see how you do against everyone you follow and on the platform. I ranked #1252 last fight card 🤦🏻‍♀️ 😂 Still fun. #VerdictOGPlayer

December 28, 2018

Chris Hunt@hunt5588

Been on @VerdictMMA since day 1 and I’ve gotta day, it’s easily the best, most comprehensive and entertaining fight picking/scoring platform out there! Easily laid out, super simple to navigate and always a blast to play! Fight nights are more fun when you have Verdict!

April 13, 2019

Mystic Mac@OGKilluminati

The best aspects of watching UFC fights are picking who you think will win and judging the fights you’re watching. That’s why I’ve always loved @VerdictMMA , the app that lets you predict the fights and score them in real time. It’s kept me engaged with every event and adds

December 28, 2018

Derek Burton@DerekB2412

All my MMA buddies need to check out @VerdictMMA if you havent already! I have my Blackbelt already. do you? 😎👊 #VERDICTMMA #UFC236

April 14, 2019

Brian Shea@BrianPShea

As we approach tonight’s UFC pay-per-view, I just want to send out a reminder that if you’re into the sport, the @VerdictMMA app is an awesome companion for picking and scoring fights. Add me if you get it.

April 14, 2019

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