Movsar Evloev Beats Arnold Allen in Competitive Decision at UFC 297

Movsar Evloev Beats Arnold Allen in Competitive Decision at UFC 297

Liam Lindsay|
January 21, 2024|

A competitive scrap opened the UFC 297 main card in Toronto, Canada. Russias Ovsar Evloev managed to out-work England's Arnold Allen en route to a unanimous decision victory.

Both men started sharp on the feet, with Allen sending frequent attacks down to the body. Evloev shot halfway into the round, but Allen defended and broke away. Evloev was able to secure Allen's back for a brief moment, but the pair began scrambling all over the octagon, and Allen was able to make it back up to the feet. Allen broke through with a big head kick that partially landed on their guard of Evloev a minute into round two. Evloev secured another takedown halfway into round two, but Arnold scrambled back to his feet again. Evloev closed the round out with a massive shot and stunned Allen, who got a nasty cut under his eye. Allen started fast in the third, stunning Movsar with a brilliant combination. A barrage of illegal knees halts the action momentarily and causes a cut on the Russian. Evloev shot again, and Allen attempted the ninja choke, but Evloev was too keen on it.

18 and 0 is no joke. Everybody is waiting for my finish, but I'm still winning by decision. It's another victory, I'm happy.
- Movsar Evloev

How did you have this one scored, and what did you think of Evloev's performance? As a member of the Verdict Community, let us know in the comments below.

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