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A direct connection to fight fans.

If you’re looking for more fans to watch your events and want to extend your fight promotion’s reach, there’s no better way to do so than by featuring your events on Verdict. Not only does being featured on Verdict increase your brand’s visibility, it makes fans care about your events. Our platform incentivizes and encourages fans to tune into your events and educates them on your roster.

We work with several fight promotions in MMA and boxing.

We’ve worked with the PFL, Invicta FC, and Triller Fight Club for several years. The Verdict Scorecard is regularly referenced on ESPN broadcasts.

We're the biggest fan engagement app in combat sports history.

Verdict MMA is the Global platform for real-time judging, fight predictions and a media powerhouse in combat sports. Our mobile app is rated 4.9 stars on the US App Store with 3,500+ reviews. Verdict has become a part of the culture of combat sports and is regularly referenced by fighters, commentators, fans, and media.

Integrating your fights on our platform with scoring.

Verdict is an integral part of the combat sports culture and is the most trusted source for MMA scoring. Featuring your events on Verdict will enable fans to score your fights in real-time. This encourages fans to watch your events live and provides you with scoring data you can share with your audience.

The most valuable data in combat sports

The Verdict Scorecard has become the most valuable data in combat sports as it provides a look at how the world scored a fight. Whether it’s directly on our platform or on our social media, the Verdict Scorecard is usually the first place fans go to for a source of truth. When fights are close, the data goes viral.

Integrating your fights on our platform with predictions

When fans submit their picks on our platform, they think about each fighter and each matchup on the card. This helps build a stronger relationship between fans and your fight promotion. Fans are incentivized to place their picks because they earn points and level up on our platform. There are no restrictions on the free picks version of our picks game. Anyone from anywhere is able to participate.

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