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Using the Asset Center as a Media Member


Have you ever wanted to share your scorecard or fight picks with the world but didn’t know how?

The Asset Center is a tool you can use to download graphics of your scorecard, your fight picks, and your team’s fight picks.

The graphics are high-resolution images that are designed to be shared on social media, blogs, news articles, and more.

Tools like this exist in other sports but at high costs. Verdict’s Asset Center is free for everyone.

Your Scorecard

After you’ve scored a fight on Verdict, you can head to the Asset Center and download the graphic. You have the option of downloading a graphic for every fight that you’ve ever scored on Verdict.

Single Fight Picks

Place a pick on Verdict, and then head over to the Asset Center to download a graphic of your pick. You can download a graphic for any pick you’ve ever submitted on Verdict.

Team Picks

This might be the most fun graphic on the Asset Center as it’s the most customizable. Select an event and add the team members that you want to include on the graphic. You then have the option of adding a Team Name and a Team Logo.

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