League and Season Scoring


The amount of League Points (LP) that you get within a League is dependant on your performance in an event and how many people are in your League. Your performance determines your position on the League Leaderboard. You receive LP depending on your final position for an event. There are several brackets that look like below.

Be aware that adding more players to your League will shift the scoring and how League Points are distributed. We've developed the system so that your previous predictions are still worth quite a bit as the League grows.

Scoring with 1 Player

If there's one person in your League, you'll get no points. You need to go get some friends, maybe by joining our Discord, or join an existing League.

Scoring with 8 or Fewer Players

If there's fewer or equal to 8 people in your League, then the structure looks like this:

  1. 23 LP
  2. 19 LP
  3. 13 LP
  4. 7 LP
  5. 4 LP
  6. 2 LP

The remaining players in position 7 and 8 get no League Points (LP). If there are vacant positions, no one is given those points.

For example, if you only have two players, they will receive 23 LP and 19 LP.

Scoring with 9-20 Players

If there are fewer or equal to 20, then this is what the structure looks like:

  1. 23 LP
  2. 19 LP
  3. 13 LP
  4. 13 LP
  5. 7 LP
  6. 7 LP
  7. 4 LP
  8. 4 LP
  9. 4 LP
  10. 4 LP
  11. 2 LP
  12. 2 LP
  13. 2 LP
  14. 2 LP
  15. 2 LP

The remaining players get no League Points (LP).

Scoring with 21-50 Players

If there are fewer or equal to 50. This might be a similar size to your BJJ, Karate, Boxing, or Muay Thai gym. This is what the structure looks like:

23 LP, 19 LP, 19 LP, 13 LP, 13 LP, 13 LP, 13 LP, 7 LP, 7 LP, 7 LP, 7 LP, 7 LP, 4 LP, 4 LP, 4 LP, 4 LP, 4 LP, 4 LP, 2 LP, 2 LP, 2 LP, 2 LP, 2 LP, 2 LP, 2 LP

Scoring with more than 50 players

If there are more than 50 players in a League, then the format changes a bit. The game shifts to something similar to the Global Leaderboard and League Points (LP) are assigned according to your percent placement.

Top 10%: 23 LP Top 25%: 19 LP Top 40%: 13 LP Top 60%: 7 LP Remaining: 0 LP

Final Notes

We might change this in the future depending on how this is received during Season 1. If you have suggestions, throw us an email at support@verdictmma.com. We respond to all questions.

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