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Put your brand in front of a niche audience

Whether you’re looking to advertise fitness supplements, a sportsbook, gym equipment, health products, and more, you should explore advertising on Verdict MMA. We have a highly engaged niche audience of combat sports fans that share common interests.

What is Verdict?

Verdict MMA is the Global platform for real-time judging, fight predictions and a media powerhouse in combat sports. Our mobile app is rated 4.9 stars on the US App Store with 3,500+ reviews. Verdict has become a part of the culture of combat sports and is regularly referenced by fighters, commentators, fans, and media.

The most coveted demographic for advertisers

Data provided by Google Firebase
Data provided by Google Firebase

Our primary userbase is male in the 18 to 34 demographic. For years, this has been the most coveted demographic for advertisers.

Where can we advertise?

We have inventory available across the following:

  1. iOS and Android mobile apps
  2. News articles on our website
  3. OverUnder email newsletter with 100,000+ subscribers

Contact us to get a custom advertising plan that fits your budget.

The new way of advertising in combat sports

Gone are the days of throwing your logo on a fighter’s back or fight shorts. Fans barely noticed those logos to begin with and there wasn’t a lot of conversion being made from that style of advertising. With Verdict, not only are you right in front of a potential customer’s face, that customer is one click away from your website.

Increase your presence in the combat sports world

Advertising with Verdict will increase your presence in the combat sports world by putting you directly in front of 100,000+ engaged fans. Verdict is the first place fight fans go after a close fight. Anyone that places their picks or scores fights on Verdict will see your brand.

Referenced by Joe Rogan, Mike Tyson, Jon Anik, and more

Verdict is regularly referenced by some of the most notable personalities in combat sports when discussing fights.

The most valuable website in combat sports is far more than just a news website. Visitors come to our site to make their picks, score fights, interact in comments, view data, read news, and learn about the sport.

Who has advertised with us in the past?, DraftKings, the Professional Fighters League, Triller, FITE TV, and Invicta FC are just some of the brands that have advertisers on Verdict.

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