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How to Score fights on Verdict


Scoring fights has always been debated throughout combat sports history. It’s been a debated topic in professional boxing for decades and is debated on a weekly basis in mixed martial arts. Whenever there’s a controversial decision in MMA, the first thing people usually do is look at the Verdict Scorecard. In this guide, you'll learn how to score fights on the Verdict MMA mobile app.

To score fights on Verdict, first download the app on iOS and Android and create an account.

After you’ve created an account, make sure that your push notifications for round-scoring are enabled. This way, you’ll get a push notification in real-time prompting you to score a round. If your push notifications for round-scoring are disabled, go to the scorecard page of the fight to score a round.

When you see the scoring page, select your score and then tap submit. To learn about the judging criteria, click here.

The averages of all of the scores submitted are displayed on the Verdict Scorecard. This Scorecard provides the most accurate representation of a fight. When you take the averages of thousands of people, you get the most accurate results. You see how close or how dominant a round has been.

Those that score rounds in real-time earn a bonus of 100xp that goes towards the leaderboard for the event that the fight is associated with. You earn points for making fight picks which you can learn about by clicking here.

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