Scoring in MMA

Scoring 10-8 and 10-7 Rounds


Scoring 10-7 Rounds

"If that round wasn't a 10-7 round then 10-7 rounds don't exist." - Randy Couture

Rounds with 10-7 in the UFC are relatively rare because they are reserved for rounds in which one fighter dominates the other to a significant degree. In order for a round to be scored 10-7, the fighter who wins the round must have a clear and overwhelming advantage over their opponent, such as by landing a large number of clean, effective strikes or by taking their opponent down and maintaining dominant control for the majority of the round. Because MMA fights can be very closely contested and because judges are instructed to use 10-7 scores sparingly, it is not common for rounds to be scored 10-7 in the UFC.

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