Scoring in MMA

Open Scoring in MMA


In mixed martial arts (MMA), open scoring refers to a system in which the judges' scores are announced to the fighters and their corners after each round of a bout. This is in contrast to traditional scoring, in which the judges' scores are kept secret until the end of the bout.

The idea behind open scoring is that it allows fighters to adjust their strategies in real-time based on the judges' assessments of their performances. It may also help to prevent controversial decisions, as fighters and their teams can see how they are being scored and address any potential issues with their approaches.

However, open scoring has its critics as well. Some argue that it could lead to fighters becoming more cautious in their approach, as they may be more concerned with maintaining a lead rather than going for a finish. Additionally, some believe that open scoring could put too much pressure on judges to score rounds more definitively, potentially leading to more biased or subjective scoring.

Overall, the use of open scoring in MMA is a controversial topic and it is not currently implemented in most professional promotions.

We want to leverage our Global Scorecard to supplement Open Scoring. There have been many questionably scored rounds in MMA in the past. The Global Scorecard brings transparency to the sport by keeping judges accountable and bringing more light to the Open Scoring equation. Although, the Global Scorecard isn't exactly Open Scoring, it can provide corners and fighters with information that they need to come out ahead.

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