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Get yourself invested in fight nights by placing UFC picks on Verdict MMA, the pound-for-pound #1 UFC picks and MMA picks platform on the planet. Tens of thousands of members of the Verdict Community compete against each other using our MMA predictions game. You can compete for free or you can compete for cash prizes on Verdict Tournaments. UFC picks, PFL picks, Invicta FC picks, and more are available on Verdict.

How the UFC picks and MMA picks game works

Select who you think is going to win and how they’re going to win.

Each fighter and victory term has a multiplier based on the total predictions of the Verdict Community.

You’re allotted 100xp for each fight and 500xp to spread amongst all fights within a fight card.

You’ll earn more XP based on correct picks and rounds scored, earning you a higher position on the Global Leaderboard.

Ranking on the Global Leaderboard

In addition to where you ranked on the global leaderboard, you’ll receive one of the following trophies based on your performance for every event:

  1. Top 10%
  2. Top 25%
  3. Top 40%
  4. Top 60%
  5. Bottom 40%

All of these trophies are saved in your Trophy Case on your profile. To view the world’s consensus picks, swipe to the Global Scorecard page to see the world’s most common pick.

The Belt System

When you create an account on Verdict, you start off as a white belt. The more XP you earn through your UFC picks and MMA picks, the further you advance. The belt level and stripes are similar to the BJJ belt system. The belt color rankings are ordered from lowest to highest below:

  1. White Belt (+4 stripes)
  2. Blue Belt (+4 stripes)
  3. Purple Belt (+4 stripes)
  4. Brown Belt (+4 stripes)
  5. Black Belt (+10 degrees)

Competing against your friends

In addition to competing against the Verdict Community, you can add friends and see their UFC Fight Night picks or UFC PPV picks on the Friends Scorecard page. You can swap between the Global Leaderboard and the Friends Leaderboard to see how you ranked against the world or ranked against your friends.

UFC DFS Picks for Cash Prizes

In the Summer of 2022, we launched Verdict Tournaments, which is a Daily Fantasy MMA picks game where you can win cash prizes. It’s the exact same as our free UFC picks and MMA picks game, but with real money. Entry fees and prizes vary from Tournament to Tournament. Unlike DraftKings and FanDuel, which tried to disguise MMA as a conventional sport, we built a Daily Fantasy Sports game that’s designed for MMA. These UFC picks are different than parlays because your lineup won’t break if one of your fighters loses. You can see what makes Verdict’s Daily Fantasy Sports game different here.

UFC Picks Tonight

There are about 40 to 45 UFC events each year. Fight fans across the globe are searching for the best UFC picks tonight on every fight night. To find out who truly has the best UFC picks, check out the Global Leaderboard to see how everyone ranked after an event.

Sharing your UFC picks

If you want to show off your UFC picks to your friends, click the share button on the scorecard page and send your friends the link. This link will show them your UFC picks and how you scored a fight.

Fighters that have competed in our MMA Picks game

Several fighters including Ben Askren, Billy Quarantillo, Kalyl Silva, Marc Diakiese, Kay Hansen, and more have competed in our MMA picks game by predicting fights. You never know which fighter will be making their UFC fight night predictions next.

Researching UFC Picks

Making UFC picks often involves researching and analyzing various factors such as a fighter's track record, training, and style. It can also involve studying the matchup and considering the strengths and weaknesses of both fighters. Experts and fans may also consider factors such as a fighter's physical condition and mental state, as well as the potential impact of any injuries or other distractions.

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