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We're about to shake things up

Head to head. Mono e mono. One on one. 1v1. This is what combat sports has always been about and it's what makes it special. The stakes are at their highest when it's just you versus a single opponent, and that will be the focus of Verdict Tournaments moving forward.

We're doubling down on 1v1 Tournaments because we want to see who is the true best in the world at picking fights. You're about to have professional records, just like how MMA fighters have professional records. Whether it's 12-2, 34-9, or 29-0 like Khabib, all 1v1 competitors will have records that reset at the end of every month.

Leaderboards for pound-for-pound and regional rankings will be showcased to the world. There are a lot of people that claim to be the best in the world at picking fights. We're about to find out who they really are, starting with UFC 290 on July 8th.

Your Record

When you defeat an opponent in a 1v1 Tournament, the winner gets a win on their record while the loser gets a loss, just like a real fighter. When there's a draw, the draw gets added to the record as well. So, some records will look like 23-4-3. Records will reset at the start of every month, so you start fresh every month.

1v1 Rankings

All 1v1 records will be displayed on two different leaderboards: A pound-for-pound leaderboard and a regional leaderboard. This will showcase the best players in the world and the best players in a particular region. The pound-for-pound leaderboard will showcase every 1v1 competitor, while regional leaderboards will showcase competitors from particular regions. For example, there will be a leaderboard for New York competitors and a leaderboard for California competitors.

What makes 1v1s easier than Rumbles

1v1 Tournaments is an entirely different experience than a Rumble. In a Rumble, you compete against hundreds of people who sometimes have multiple entries. In a 1v1, it's just you against a single opponent. You don't need to worry about competing against people that have multiple entries. You just need to focus on beating your opponent's score.

Winning cash prizes are easier in 1v1s

In Rumbles, there are several big cash prize amounts you can win depending on where you land on the leaderboard. In 1v1 Tournaments, the winner takes home the total prize. You have a higher chance of doubling your money in a 1v1 compared to a Rumble.

You know exactly how much you're winning in a 1v1

Unlike a Rumble, where you can land anywhere on a leaderboard and win a cash prize that's either really big or small, you know exactly what you're winning in a 1v1. It feels much closer to an actual bet than a lottery.

Better Than Parlays

You know that annoying feeling you get when the first fight of your parlay breaks and your night is done? That doesn't exist in 1v1. Even if one of the fighters you picked loses, you're still in the game. You just need to beat your opponent's score.

It's you against your opponent, not you against the house

What makes 1v1s different from sports betting is that you need to be perfect when placing a bet. You don't need to be perfect in a 1v1. You just need to beat your opponent's score. Even if your picks aren't the best, you still have a chance to win if your opponent's score is worse than yours.

Types of 1v1s

You'll be able to compete in 1v1s for main cards Tournaments and Co-Main and Main only Tournaments.

The future

Just like we've listened to you in the past, we're going to continue listening to you and creating for you in the future. You're going to be able to compete in 1v1s against professional fighters and compete in bracket challenges where you win and advance. Our goal is to identify the best competitors in the world and put a spotlight on them. The best compete on Verdict Tournaments, and we're about to find out who they are.

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