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The landscape of MMA Daily Fantasy Sports is quickly changing. What used to be dominated by a shoehorned solution from American Football is no longer the only option.

The Traditional MMA Daily Fantasy Sports Route

In Traditional MMA DFS, fighters are awarded points for various actions during a fight. These can include strikes landed, takedowns, and submission attempts. The exact scoring system will vary depending on the DFS site you are using. One of the key strategies in MMA DFS is to select fighters who are likely to score a lot of points. This can involve looking at a fighter's record and style, as well as their opponent's strengths and weaknesses. The problem with this model is that fans of MMA know that in combat sports the number of strikes and takedowns doesn't matter. It's about who wins and how they win. The shoehorned solution from American Football doesn't work well.

New Age MMA Daily Fantasy Sports

In the new model of Daily Fantasy Sports by Verdict MMA called Verdict Tournaments, players compete in familiar pools with other players. Their score is based on the players selection of who is going to win and how they're going to win. Additionally, players can place more emphasis on fighters that they know will perform well to get a boost over other players. At the end, the players that guess the fighters who will win with the correct terms will end up winning.

Traditional MMA DFS vs New Age MMA DFS

The early feedback is unanimous. Fans of MMA prefer to pick who is going to win and how they're going to win. It aligns with the conversations that the fans have with their friends and it aligns with bets that they've placed in the past. The benefit of New Age MMA DFS, such as that available with Verdict Tournaments, is that it's a game of skill. You're playing against other players. It's solely based on merit and the players with higher Fight IQ will come out on top.

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